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An all-time popular animated show for kids explaining how things work in a fun and engaging way.
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Learn STEAM in a fun way with the Fixies!

How do things work? The Fixies have the answer. Only seen by children, Fixies are tiny creatures that repair broken gadgets and electric currents. To help their human friend, Tom Thomas, they use their skills and tools to fix everyday items in a fun and educational way. The series is ideal for young learners of science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths (STEAM).

The adored characters became the mascots of the Russian Pavilion at the World Exhibition Expo-2020. Also, the series inspired a collaboration with H&M for a sustainable collection and a special episode to encourage eco-friendly practices among children.

What's Useful

The Fixies series offers you these benefits and more:

Delivers educational and engaging content. The series is filled with fun adventures that inspire children to discover and create amazing things.

Encourages observational learning. Each episode captures meaningful skills, emotions, moments, with timeless lessons that answer the multitude of questions from curious young explorers.

Highlights problem-solving. Complex problems are solved in simple steps suitable for a younger audience.

Showcases how and why things work by using basic STEM concepts to fix household appliances.

Promotes social skills and values. Viewers learn the benefits of cooperation, kindness, creativity, and active listening.

How to set up Fixies on Connected TV?

Roku TV
1 Go to Select My account and sign in to your Roku account
2 Go to “The Fixies”.
Press the “+ Add channel” button under the name of application
3 You're done!
Check your Roku TV to watch The Fixies!
1 Go to Press “Sign in” button at “Accounts & Lists” menu and login to your Amazon account
2 Go to “The Fixies”.
Press the “Get App” button at the right of the screen
3 You're done!
Check your Amazon fire TV to watch The Fixies!
1 Go to Select “Sign in” and login to your Google account
2 Go to
The Fixies”.
Press the “Install” at the right of the screen
3 You're done!
Check your Google TV to watch The Fixies
Coming soon…
Roku TV