Building Your Personal
CTV Channel
with VlogBox

Step 1

Talk to us. Ideally, through our contact page because it has all the required fields that we will need. They include the link to your channel and the size of your audience.

Step 2

After the communication is established, together with you, we outline our mutual roadmap and start getting into more detail on how your future CTV channel is going to look and work.

At this stage, we discuss the scope of opportunity within each CTV network. These include Android, Apple, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, plus any other you may wish to cover.

Step 3

We study your specific preferences and brand book guidelines to build the exact channel template that you envision.

With VlogBox, your design choice is not limited to what your YouTube channel looks like. You are in full control of all the visuals, playlist layouts and user paths.

Step 4

It’s time to think about monetizing your future channel. Now you are going to choose how your new platform is going to use advertisement. At your disposal are the traditional prerolls, midrolls and postrolls with you setting up their frequency.

Additionally, your channel is not locked into ad-based videos and you can create paid subscriptions to your content.

Step 5

Enjoy your new CTV channel! It’s a great source for exposure, revenue and a big opportunity that you can now explore. Everything is tailored to your artistic vision and created 100% free of charge.

  • Upload new videos
    and watch your view count soar;
  • Check your stats
    and gain new insights from your CTV viewer base;
  • Avail of easy payments
    and monthly revenue report.

Looking forward
to working with you!