Inspire and cheer up your kids with ABC Channel

Entertainment and education go hand in hand here. Time to explore!

What is ABC Channel?

Children are born with a sense of art and creativity. This is nature in its finest form and adults should nurture it. The ABC - All Babies Channel is the best resource to learn all sorts of great new things. Interactive adventures of animated animals and various figures are accompanied by merry songs your child will definitely sing along.

Main reasons to join

Unlock their smartest, best, and courageous selves
Help your kids to identify feelings, embrace changes and cultivate openness to the world’s diversities
Unlock their smartest, best, and courageous selves
Foster all-round education through capturing and easy-to-memorize songs
Place family values in the center of kids’ attention and grow the kindest emotions

Why to watch it on big screens

  • Brighter and easier to accept than on tablets, mobile phones or monitors
  • HD and 4K pictures that allow you to fully immerse into the happening
  • Easy to use — leave your kiddos with the remote and be sure they will handle it themselves
  • One single place to pin your favorites and stay tuned on the shows
  • Full safety from irrelevant information and piracy



Go to Press “Sign in” button at “Accounts & Lists” menu and login to your Amazon account


Go to “All Babies Channel”. Press the “Get App” button at the right of the screen


You're done! Check your Amazon fire TV to watch ABC Channel!

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