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Our mission is to assist audiences interested in advertising and marketing topics to live their lives to the fullest. We do that by sharing valuable tips and tricks, as well as how-to guides on video monetization. Today, it’s time to open the VlogBox gates to new opinion leaders and innovators.

VlogBox is continually searching for enthusiastic writers who would like to share their skills and experience to help our audience achieve their goals.

If you’re ready to share samples of your articles with us, we’ll be glad to see you among one of our contributors. It is enough to contact our editorial via news@vlogbox.com. Our team will check your query and will get back to you within 3 business days with feedback.

How it all works

Our goal is to find prospective writers who can create high-quality, original content for people involved in video creation and publication. Here are some of the ways we can collaborate with you:

Publishing unique in-depth articles that were not covered in other sources. We will mention your name and allow one backlink to your associated homepage, but won’t promote any other external links.

Cross-posting: We will be glad to exchange our opinion posts on trusted sources.

Guest posting with SEO requirements from us.

Our team gives preferences to in-depth articles that fully cover the topic. We also expect the contributing writers to provide some recent market insights and examples. We accept various types of content:

Blog posts

Manuals & tutorials


You can also suggest your own ideas on the type of content you can produce for us.

What do we expect from you as our contributor?


Our company is oriented towards reaching such audiences as publishers, marketing experts, advertisers, brands, and entrepreneurs. We prefer American-English. Try to stay professional yet friendly. Using lengthy quotations for the bulk of your point or information isn’t something we want from our contributors. In other words, motivation, insights into success, and self-improvement are our team's focus.


You have nothing to worry about when it comes to SEO. Our experts in this field will provide you with all necessary SEO requirements. Just follow them strictly, and you’ll make it through!


We expect to receive only 100% original texts from our contributors. We highly recommend using various plagiarism checkers before sending your pieces to us.


As our team prefers long reads, we expect to see articles of around 1,500 words. Ensure that an outline consists of an intro, a body with arguments, and a concluding part. Use Title Case in h1, use Sentence case in h2 and h3.

How to start our cooperation

Stage 1. Share the list of topics you think might be the right fit for our blog. Let us know what is unique about your strategy and conclusions. What is the value of your piece?

Stage 2. Share an outline with us so that we can have a look and agree on the topic.

Stage 3. Specify exactly why you’re writing to us in the email subject line. Please share all details and explain the value.

Stage 4. We will review your submission. In case it is a good fit for our blog, we won’t make you wait.

What about the ownership?

If our team posts your piece, the ownership is transferred to our company

You can still share the published piece on your social media accounts

It is forbidden to copy-paste any materials published on our blog. Duplicating our content can only be possible if both sides reach a compromise and you add the link to the duplicated content.

Our editors have the exclusive right to edit and change the texts we receive from our contributors


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