Ad Tech Glossary

How often do you get distracted while reading an ad tech article in order to find the meaning of some words or acronyms?

Like any other industry, CTV is filled with sometimes impenetrable-seeming jargon.

When you’re just learning about the industry, this abundance of acronyms and terms may seem intimidating. Even specialists, with many years of experience, can get lost in this forest of expressions.

We've gathered the most widely used terms and acronyms in our glossary in order to help you get down to the nitty-gritty. You don't have to search for the meaning of every single word. Use our primer to get through these definitions to better understand what they mean.

Ad Server

A platform that ensures the delivery and storage of digital advertisements, and submits a particular ad to the visitor’s browser Read More »

Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV advertising falls under technologies that enable advertisers to split TV viewers into multiple audiences based on demographic, behavioral, Read More »


Adtech is known as an umbrella term for advertising technology. It embraces a set of tools and software, advertising campaigns, Read More »

Advanced TV

Advanced TV serves as an umbrella term for several forms of TV content distribution, encompassing video on demand (VOD), connected Read More »


An advertisement is one of the core tools geared towards product or service promotion, as well as engagement with an Read More »

Automatic content recognition (ACR)

Automatic content recognition (ACR) recognizes the content viewers consume, and offers them additional information based on their input or search Read More »


AVOD or ad-based-video-on-demand is a service that offers users absolutely free content. Every video contains ad breaks that allow for Read More »


A blacklist encompasses a database with websites that spread inappropriate content or spam, as well as perform malicious acts or Read More »

Brand Safety

Brand safety includes measures focused on brand image protection from the adverse and harmful impact of ambiguous and inapt content Read More »

Cost per Action (CPA)

Cost per Action (CPA) stands for an advertising payment model based on users’ actions performed on the site. They may Read More »

CPC (Cost per Click)

Cost per click or CPC stands for the price advertisers pay when they get a click on the ad placed Read More »


CTV stands for connected TV, and means that video content is streamed over the internet. The delivery of video content Read More »

First Party Data

First party data is the user data that website owners gather about their visitors. Such kind of data is deemed Read More »


Geo-targeting means ad delivery based on the audience’s geographical location, such as a city, a region, or a country, collected Read More »

In-Stream Video

The advertisement that is shown before, during or after a watched video, the same way it would be displayed during Read More »


Inventory stands for internet assets and other tools used for advertisement. Ad placements on digital platforms and high-traffic websites are Read More »


Internet Protocol television, aka IPTV, refers to television content distribution over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This technology differs from traditional Read More »

Mid-Roll Ads

Mid-roll ads enable advertisers to display commercials in the middle of the watched content. Their lengths vary, and so does Read More »


OTT stands for over-the-top and refers to a closed TV system where video content is delivered via the internet in Read More »

Out-Stream Advertising

The type of the ad that is getting displayed out of the stream in autoplay mode and is played the Read More »

Post-roll Ads

Post-roll ads allow streaming commercials when users finish watching their content. These ads usually last within 10-15 seconds and are Read More »

Pre-Roll Ad

This type of commercial is exposed automatically before the preferable content and can last for 15, 30, or 60 seconds. Read More »

Private Marketplace

This is a real-time auction model of buying that is characterized by clear price categories. It is available only to Read More »

Programmatic Buying

A variety of methods designed for purchasing advertising on the Internet using automated systems (robots) and algorithms like RTB, that Read More »

Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV is known as an advertising method that applies digital tools in order to choose the most suitable way Read More »


SVOD means subscription-video-on-demand, also known as subscription VOD. Users get access to traditional TV packages or other video content on Read More »

Transactional-Video-on-Demand (TVOD)

Transactional-Video-on-Demand (TVOD) refers to a VOD service that empowers customers to purchase content on a pay-per-view basis. Unlike SVOD, TVOD Read More »

User acquisition

The definition of user acquisition definition (UA) includes the total amount of money spent on attaining a new user for Read More »


A standard developed by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). The VAST template is an XML document that gets built in Read More »


Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors or vMVPD stands for live and on-demand linear television combined in the same content delivery Read More »

VOD (Video-on-demand)

Video-on-demand (VOD) is the next generation of video streaming. VOD implies a media distribution system and a video consumption method Read More »

What is Ad Tag

An ad tag is a piece of code such as an HTML or JavaScript code snippet that’s combined with a Read More »

What is Ad Verification

Ad verification is a system geared toward advertisement validation and testing. It ensures that creatives be shown in the correct Read More »

What is an Advertiser

An advertiser is a person, company, brand, or entrepreneur who seeks to promote their services and products using digital creatives Read More »

What is Bot Traffic

Bot traffic falls under a kind of traffic that bots (aka certain scripts) generate automatically to perform a series of Read More »

What is BVOD

BVOD stands for broadcast video-on-demand. The technology implies that professionally produced video content may be watched when and where users Read More »

What is content distribution network (CDN)

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their Read More »

What is Conversion

Conversion indicates ad campaign effectiveness, and is commonly a result of actions visitors take on a site: filling out a Read More »

What is Cost Per Install (CPI)

Cost per install or CPI determines a price an advertiser or a marketer pays after every single app download on Read More »

What is Cost per Mille (CPM)

Cost per mille (CPM) may also refer to cost per thousand, is one of the popular advertising payment models which Read More »

What is Creative

Creative implies any type of digital ad units advertisers post on the publishers’ website to raise awareness about the service Read More »

What is DAI

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) enables advertisers to choose relevant ad creatives for linear, live or video-on-demand content. Instead of delivering Read More »

What is Deal ID

A Deal ID, also known as Deal Identifier, comprises a unique number of about 19 characters. The deal ID is Read More »

What is eCPM (Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions)

eCPM, or Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions, is a metric used to assess ad effectiveness and calculate the revenue generated Read More »

What is Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is the ability (function) to set the limit for the number of ad impressions shown to a particular Read More »

What is Gross Rating Point

Gross Rating Point or GRP is a math equation used by media planners and buyers to determine how many people Read More »

What is HbbTV

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) relates to a worldwide initiative focused on the blending of internet content with TV broadcasts Read More »

What is Impression

An impression is an ad display to each website or app visitor or user. An impression implies that the ad Read More »

What is In-App Advertising

This is a kind of advertisement integrated into mobile apps. In-app advertising encompasses such creatives as banners and videos placed Read More »

What is Interstitial Ad

Interstitial ads refer to full-screen creatives aimed at covering the interface of their host app. They interrupt users at certain Read More »

What is Look-Alike Audience Modeling

Look-alike audience modeling comes in handy when you need to create reach for advertisers. This model is used to build Read More »

What is Preferred Deal

This is a non-auction model of ad buying, with a fixed display price and no guarantee for inventory realization. Preferred Read More »

What is Programmatic direct/guaranteed

A non-auction model of traffic purchasing through deals that take place outside the RTB, but with advantages that RTB provides Read More »

What is Publisher

A publisher is known as an ad inventory owner who provides advertisers with a place for their ads. The publisher Read More »

What is Reach

A metric that helps evaluate the coverage of an advertisement:, how many people have seen the advertisement and interacted with Read More »

What is Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a streaming channel that belongs to Roku. Everyone with a Roku account gets access to ad-free Read More »

What is Server-Said Ad Insertion (SSAI)

SSAI stands for server-side ad insertion. It is a process used to insert ads into a piece of high-quality, long-form Read More »

What is Smart TV

A Smart TV is a technological convergence of a computer, a television set, and a set-top box in a traditional Read More »

What is Streaming

Streaming is a delivery method where end-users receive multimedia content from certain providers live, without having to download them.

What is Targeting

A way to deliver ad impressions to a relevant audience by basing it on certain custom criteria. Behavioral targeting takes Read More »

What is Television Rating Point

Television Rating Point, also known as TRP, refers to a metric that helps advertisers and marketers to evaluate the viewership Read More »

What is TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere also refers to authenticated streaming or authenticated video-on-demand. This type of subscription business model means that users get Read More »

What is Viewability

A metric designed to measure the effectiveness of ad impressions, showing how many times the ad was seen rather than Read More »


A database that lists websites that were approved by advertisers. A whitelist denotes that it is safe to place ads Read More »


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