All the great adventures of toy trains for toddlers at hand

It’s time to start a big ride with the cutest trains!

What’s going on at the Toy Factory?

Hey-hey, little ones! Toy Factory is here to tell you all about the incredible life of toys. Do you wanna know what’s new? Jump in to discover more about the exploits of toy vehicles. Adventures, friends, challenges, and lots of amusements are waiting. Watch our HD episodes on a big screen to get the best ride experience!

Toy Factory storage gathered the best animations for kids

  • Complete collection of all cartoon series
  • Learn pre–school basics with favorite toys
  • Various playlists with new and well–loved series
  • Songs and stories that capture the attention of the smallest viewers

Toy Factory strives to be a top-tier channel for children

  • Super easy navigation with a handy video player for the youngest users

  • Top-notch video player to browse cartoons in HD and 4K resolution on big-screen devices

  • Commercial-free platform with convenient nontoxic content for kids


Amazon fire TV
1 Go to Press “Sign in” button at “Accounts & Lists” menu and login to your Amazon account
2 Go to
Toy Factory”.
Press the “Get App” button at the right of the screen
3 You're done!
Check your Amazon fire TV to watch Toy Factory!
1 Go to Select “Sign in” and login to your Google account
2 Go to “Toy Factory”.
Press the “Install” at the right of the screen
3 You're done!
Check your Google TV to watch Toy Factory!
Amazon fire TV