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Why is YouCurious worth watching

The world is full of happenings, so just don’t miss all of them. YouCurious offers a myriad of news and spectacular cases in technology, natural sciences, animal world, global issues, food, lifestyle, human health and psychology. ive into the matter and absorb the information easily via explanative animation and infographics.

What’s so special about the YouCurious storage?

Earth secrets and impressive global developments
Health-improving tips and development of knowledge background
News and impressive stories about flora and fauna
Extraterrestrial events, mysterious cases, and aliens-related topics

Extra features of YouCurious channel

  • Handy navigation

    Clear minimalistic interface with clickable buttons and well-designed video player.

  • Trueness of facts

    No fake data. All the information resources are credible and checked by the experts.

  • Cutting-edge tech

    High-resolution videosto browse in 4K and full HD format.


Amazon fire TV


Go to Press “Sign in” button at “Accounts & Lists” menu and login to your Amazon account


Go to “YouCurious”. Press the “Get App” button at the right of the screen


You're done! Check your Amazon fire TV to watch YouCurious!


Go to Select “Sign in” and login to your Google account


Go to “YouCurious”. Press the “Install” at the right of the screen


You're done! Check your Google TV to watch YouCurious!