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VlogBox is a marketing agency, video content distribution and monetization company delivering precisely targeted video ads to OTT/CTV audiences and bringing high monetization yields to content creators. Striving to perfect our suite of content distribution services, VlogBox video monetization platform covers hosting, encoding, and streaming of video content combined with custom app development for our clients and, above all, efficient ad monetization and channel promotion.

Recognition and Achievements


VlogBox is focusing on the core issue – how to simplify the Connected TV environment for content creators, brands, and advertisers. Over just four years, we’ve built a full-cycle CTV advertising agency that streamlines all the processes involved in getting a CTV channel online, including channel audience extensions and promotion on leading streaming platforms.

Development Team

Design and build your own applications with the help of your dedicated manager and get them featured on Amazon Fire, Apple, and Android TV. Entrust the process of development, further app management, and support to the unbeatable professionals. In the meantime, rest assured you are getting hold of a powerful and secure digital product with no upfront cost.


VlogBox monetization technology and a connection to a broad network of demand partners helps channel owners get the best performances out of their CTV channels. A team of marketing strategists and media buyers ensure that all ads shown are perfect for your viewers.

Vlogbox Media House

Advertisers can now reach consumers – without the middlemen, via the VlogBox media house. We cover a wide range of verticals, from educational to entertainment and lifestyle content across leading streaming platforms. Utilize all of CTVs advertising opportunities by leveraging over 1000+ apps and an extensive base of 650K monthly active users in the VlogBox arsenal.

VlogBox in numbers

  • 1000+ apps on the most popular platforms
  • 650K monthly
  • 80K daily
  • 150K installs monthly
  • 30M mins
  • 50 mins per user

Video distribution

Either with on-demand video content or live-streams, we’ll make sure that you reach your audiences through all popular CTV/OTT platforms, with no marketing expenses.

Intelligent Video Analytics

With years of experience in digital marketing and advertising technologies, we’ve developed a machine-learning algorithm for real-time ad performance optimization, so content creators get maximum rewards for their efforts with video ads monetization.


Read this brief FAQ to find out more about what a video monetization platform is and how you can make money with its help.

What is a video monetization platform?

Video monetization is the process of getting paid for videos published online. However, simply creating a valuable piece of content is not enough. On a video monetization platform, the audience can watch and/or download content so that the author can obtain financial rewards.

Generating revenue is possible in several ways: from pay-per-view and display advertising to proposing subscriptions and selling online video courses. The more viewers watch your videos, the higher your profits are. Although there are different options for successful OTT video monetization, there are four main models: AVOD (ad insertion), SVOD (subscriptions), and TVOD (pay-per-view), Hybrid.

How can I monetize my videos?

There are four main monetization models for OTT video:

  • AVOD (Advertising-Based Video on Demand). According to this model, users have to view commercials in order to access their videos for free. AVOD model works best if your audience is large and the displayed ads are relevant. An example of this is YouTube monetization – videos are available for free but are interrupted by advertisements.
  • SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand). To access video content in this case, users should first subscribe to specific video distribution and streaming services. An example of this is Netflix as it requires a subscription before being given access to its library and watching content.
  • TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand). The TVOD model is a good option for rights holders who wish to sell a particular set of videos. This model makes it possible to buy video content on a pay-per-view basis. TVOD consists of a couple of sub-categories: Electronic Sell-Through (EST) and Download to Rent (DTR).
  • Hybrid. This model refers to anything that merges any of the models previously described.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. With VlogBox’s monetization service, you get full transparency. For more information about our pricing packages, click here.

How can VlogBox help you monetize video?

Our monetization platform allows you to share video content with millions of viewers and monetize based on SVOD and AVOD models. Our benefits include:

  • Easy integration processes and cross-device marketing capabilities
  • Personal manager support from signing IO to reporting
  • Robust analytics and tracking system
  • 100% transparency
  • Flexible packages and revenue share conditions
  • PR and marketing support
  • Instant connections to reliable demand partners and satisfying eCPM rates

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