Meet a New Connected TV Era

The era of OTT/CTV is on the rise. Even recently, getting on TV could cost you a fortune. The future isn’t just about five minutes of fame – it’s about innovation, creativity and reliable partners.

VlogBox's mission

To help your personal brand or company expand audiences through the CTV ecosystem, and go far beyond ordinary inventory. Empower your channel with self-expression and authenticity, and rest assured that your efforts in content creation will finally be rewarded.

Founded in 2019, in Delaware, VlogBox started by developing Screensavers and now owns and operates 600+ apps and channels, including virally popular video creators. The company was founded by a team of seasoned digital experts from the ad technology and media worlds.

Our VlogBox team

Tetyana Seredyuk

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Ivan Dmytrakov

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Nick Platonenko

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Zakrevskyi

Chief Operating Officer

Anna McMichael

Director of Strategic Partnership

Anna Koicheva

Communications Advisor

Who we work with

YouTube / Instagram vloggers

Animation studios

Movie production, distribution, and reselling companies

Indie game developers

any other streamers who have great CTV potential yet to be explored

Our customers

Featured in


We guarantee that the Video Content Creators of the 21st Century can reach their audience on any screen size and in any CTV ecosystem with fair advertising yields.

Be Yourself.
We’ll take care of the rest.


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