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VlogBox Marketing Hub is a full-cycle CTV marketing agency that aims to provide channel owners with an all-in-one solution to increase brand awareness and grow their CTV сhannel audiences.

While Connected TV still maintains a reputation of being an innovative advertising environment, it’s already home to millions of video content creators. The number of distributors, animation studios, and amateurs present on Connected TV means that competition has reached a high water mark. In turn, this signals that channels need to master the art of promotion to be noticed in this environment.

Promote your CTV channel with VlogBox digital advertising agency

We implement the best CTV marketing practices to turn refined promotion into a straightforward process, rationalizing all your efforts, and improving settings and strategy in terms of viewer acquisition.

Our figures

Among the top streaming platforms, like Amazon, Android, and Apple, there are those giving simple marketing solutions for channel owners, e.g., direct access to self-service advertising platforms, and those who don’t. VlogBox is here to find the way out. At the same time, as with any other ad campaign, knowing the most successful strategies, budgets, and result analytics – as well as having an advisor at hand – can give channel owners the boost they need to stand out from the crowd.

Over 3000

ad campaigns launched

Over 1.5M

successful installs served

Over 50M

impressions processed

Grow your CTV channel audiences via VlogBox Audience Extension

VMH offers channel owners support for the next step in the app growth cycle – promotion and audience extension. Our experts know all the ins and outs of the industry, have a strong connection with trustworthy partners, and stick to the most powerful modern practices that guarantee successful promotion and easy viewer acquisition by designing strategies and implementing performance campaigns.

What you get?

Unlimited access to premium demand

Seamless integration through VAST code insertion

Full control over your ad inventory and revenue streams

Why resort to VlogBox Marketing Hub?

VlogBox has unparalleled experience in ensuring that our clients increase brand awareness and reach their target audience. With VlogBox CTV agency, channel owners won’t just gain app installs, but build a loyal core of constant viewers and get rewarded. We provide:

A fully-fledged team of creative thinkers, top media specialists, analytic wizards as well as personal managers who will bring your channel to the next level

Precisely targeted ad campaigns to promote your app via home screens, portrait & landscape native ads as well as a channel featuring option

3-level reporting and unique attribution data to optimize your campaign and double CTRs

A profoundly cost-efficient strategy for your business, bringing +25-40% more users for the same price you’d pay to ad platform directly

Full monetization transparency which means you get what you deserve

For VlogBox online advertising agency, clients' business ideas and solutions are the biggest value, so we always stick to them carefully. In cooperation with trustworthy partners, we are creating a better CTV/OTT advertising future, introducing an individual approach to all our consumers who deal with Amazon, Android, and Apple platforms.

Hurry up and get your channel a competitive advantage!


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