Whether you're searching for CTV app development to strengthen your digital TV presence, increase brand awareness, or enter new markets, look no further! Leverage the VlogBox platform, with our experience in developing over 600+ apps, to bring your premium video content to the big CTV screens.

What's in it for you?

Working with VlogBox, you’ll get a unique app – similar to YouTube channels, yet far more advanced. Serve your content through your own CTV channel and reach new audiences across the most promising services: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and more. Leave all the nuances related to app development and approval procedures to us. All you’ll need to do is focus solely on creating great content.

How does it work?

It takes us three steps from our first conversation with you for your CTV app to go live.

Step 1

Based on your brand identity, the audience you aim to reach, and streaming platform requirements, we come up with the most appropriate UI templates for your future app.
Choose the template that looks like the best fit, and we'll tune it according to your branding.

Step 2

Once we agree on the design, it’s time for CTV app development. All we need at this stage is your video content.

Step 3

Before your CTV app goes live in front of millions of viewers, we make sure everything works right. We test and certify your app, and ensure that it's successfully added to the store. Once your channel goes live, you can leave its further support and maintenance to us.

Why collaborate
with us?

Let the facts speak for themselves:

Let the facts speak for themselves: our portfolio extends to over 1000+ CTV apps created by a team of 75+ best in class engineers, all dedicated to your success and profit.

Tell us about your plans to seize the CTV world - and we'll be happy to bring your boldest ideas to life using our app development platform.