Introducing Kids Room TV

Your favorite shows and cartoons all in one place!

VlogBox has created a channel that helps children develop new skills in their leisure time while keeping things fun and simple by bringing together dozens of content creators. With Kids Room TV, it doesn't matter if your children are on a trip or at home - any idle time they could waste can be instantly turned into an entertaining show!

TV for kids shouldn't be just educational. It can also become a bright and joyous adventure into a world full of fun activities! Learning while being entertained is an art in itself, and finding TV channels for kids among the thousands of options can be a tough task.

Arts & Crafts, workouts, dances, and even academic lessons taught by toon heroes just as if they are your friends, are examples of what distinguishes us from other kids channels. And since every piece of content is hand-picked, you can rest assured that these lessons won't go to waste and we’ll keep things as fun as possible.

Here, at Kids Room TV, we value creativity above everything else. Presenting thousands of topics in a way that would keep even an adult intrigued, we strive to be one of the best children's channels.

Our shows

What separates us from other TV channels for kids is our careful moderation before shows appear on screen, making sure that children will enjoy their time spent with us. Kids can dive into the funny universe of Damian and His Family, learn all about the world around them with Fuzzy Puppet, and go on exciting adventures with Dibidogs. Of course, a lot more awaits, and we can't wait to show you all the surprises we have in store for you. Just turn on your CTV, find us on the kids channel list, and let us do the rest!

Our Principles

The highest quality requires the highest standards, and we adhere to them. Here are our five pillars that help us to be the best kids CTV channel we can possibly be.


We are proud to have an opportunity to teach kids something new. If there is a way to present a lesson without spoiling any of the fun, we will find it!


Without our hard working and imaginative content creators, this channel wouldn't be possible. We value their input and make sure that children will enjoy only the most entertaining shows.


It’s always much more fun to watch kids TV channels together! We carefully select content to ensure that it is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Nothing unsuitable will ever go through our filters!


After a while, it can get boring to watch the same programmes week after week, so we are always looking to make deals with new animation studios to add new exciting TV shows to ensure the channel never grows dull.


This pillar sets us apart! We want our TV series to be fun to watch for everyone, and we will try our hardest to keep it that way.

Enjoy the safe ride!

Kids Room TV is available on Android TV, and Fire TV. Just download our app, find the children's TV channels category, and set out on a journey! All of our content is just one step away, and we’ve made sure that you and your children can enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Amazon fire TV

1 Go to Press “Sign in” button at “Accounts & Lists” menu and login to your Amazon account
2 Go to “Kids Room TV”. Press the “Get App” button at the right of the screen
3 You're done! Check your Amazon fire TV to watch Kids Room TV

Google TV

1 Go to Select “Sign in” and login to your Google account
2 Go to “Kids Room TV”. Press the “Install” at the right of the screen
3 You're done! Check your Google TV to watch Kids Room TV