Learn about the world in
a funny and playful way

Let your kids improve their communication skills
with Alisa and her cool family

Why is it so interesting with Alisa?

Meet little princess Alisa and her amazing family! This channel is full of joy, brightness, sparkling happiness, and children’s smiles. Funny real life situations, amusing stories, and laughter blends perfectly with a pinch of education. Your kids will be glued to the screen!

What’s there to learn?

  • Delightful yet
    educational info

    forms, food, colors, toys.

  • All-round

    real-life situations, storytelling, and interaction skills.

  • Family values

    situations that inspire kindness, care, concern, sociability.

Why choose Ya-Alisa
to watch on your home screens?

  • Easy to use

    managing the menu is no sweat even for kids.

  • Age-appropriate

    content to explore in a fun and accessible way.

  • High-res picture

    HD and 4K quality to fully enjoy the plot on the favorite room screen.


Roku TV


Go to
channelstore.roku.com. Select My account and sign in to your Roku account


Go to
Ya Alisa”. Press the “+ Add channel” button under the name of application


You're done! Check your Roku TV to watch Ya Alisa!

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