Doubling Organic Installs:
How Omens Studios Bearded the Lion

Omens Studios


Omens Studios, a Singapore-based company, is a digital media company that creates and delivers world-class content and experiences to kids and families globally. With offices in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia, Omens delivers content of a high caliber, from episodic series to short films.

The company’s award-winning show, Leo the Wildlife Ranger, has already captured the hearts of viewers, advocating for a cleaner environment and spreading eco-awareness. Winning both Best 3D Animation and Best Preschool Program awards, it has become one of the premier works of Omens Studios.

Constrained by Constructs


Although enormously popular and available on several platforms, Leo the Wildlife Ranger lacked its own unique place where the show could reach broader audiences.

Most mainstream options do not provide much in terms of customization and optimization, leaving viewers without an easy way to enjoy the show. Omens Studios needed a solution which would enable them to spread brand awareness, engage more people, and make their content more accessible.

A custom CTV app was the solution for Omens Studio to deliver its high-quality edutainment content to a broader audience and to create an easy-to-use option to keep the audience engaged.

Creating Lion’s Den


Engaging the CTV audience allows Omens to not only find new fans, but also spread Leo’s presence geographically, discovering new markets.

VlogBox has begun work on the CTV app for Omens Studios. This solution ensures an easy and streamlined way for the customers to find and enjoy the show. What’s more, the app can be fine-tuned to better engage the viewers, explore different monetization techniques, and optimize the content delivery.

Becoming the King of the Jungle


In just 3 weeks of VlogBox work, the app was ready to go, launching simultaneously on Amazon TV. With the swift marketing campaign that followed, Leo has found a new habitat in Latin America and gained even more friends throughout Europe during the 2022.

Now, Omens Studios can monetize more content than ever before!

Let us take a glance at the results!



Total Installs

A lot of new friends!


Total Loyal Users

That love spending time with Leo


Organic Loyal Users

That have found the little lion by themselves


Organic Installs

Double the friends, double the fun!

Nikita Platonenko, CEO

Quote from VlogBox

We saw that Leo the Wildlife Ranger, had the potential to go far and wide and wanted to help make that happen. 2022 was only the beginning, but it is already clear that Omens Studios can go even further, and we want to walk down this road together with them.

Mr Tang, Chi Sim, CEO

Quote from Omens studio

We're thrilled to join forces with Vlogbox and expand the reach of our popular IPs, "Leo the Wildlife Ranger" and "Counting with Paula". Through our collaboration with Vlogbox, we've been able to reach new and diverse audiences across the globe, and have seen an incredible response to our content. These results are a testament to the quality of our content and the expertise of our partners at Vlogbox in delivering it to the right audiences.

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