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As soon as they watch you, the adventure is going to happen. Grow your audience and monetize your travel vlog on CTV with VlogBox.

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What should a travel vlogger do to stay ahead of their competitors? The answer is - invent and become one of the first ones plunging into new streaming platforms. Succeeded with YouTube? Time to experiment with new ones and become a pioneer in OTT travel live streams. Reach your target audience in the OTT space and gain additional yields with VlogBox.

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In addition, feel free to contact us directly, provide our content team with your videos and count VlogBox efforts

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In addition, feel free to contact us directly, provide our content team with your videos and count VlogBox efforts

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Running a travel live stream channel means you’re entering the niche of top-consumed videos worldwide. The core task for any vlogger, especially in a travel vertical, is to keep on creating. Staying the course of regular video publishing improves your online presence and increases the number of fans, subscribers, views or installs. Connected TV is another stage for emerging trends and technologies that opens a new path of travel video streaming, monetization and advertising.
It all started from YouTube - if you could grab your audience and aim for daily travel vlogging, gradually you would reach “money, cash and fame”. Instagram stories and TikTok trends gave more chances to jump onto this gravity train. Yesterday you dreamed about being Zac Efron from Down to Earth, while today nothing is impossible. If you have at least stunning content and a worthy YouTube channel, you can enjoy the OTT ride right away. This is what the future looks like for travel vloggers and marketers.

How to make money in travel vlogging?

VlogBox offers the most out of how to make money travel vlogging, uniting the key monetization approaches available on CTV streaming devices.

AVOD monetization model

Get your yields via selling your channel placements to advertisers and showing pre-, mid, and post-rolls to the audience.

SVOD monetization model

Turn your channel into the premium source of video content like Netflix and Disney+ do.

Extra opportunities with Yeet!TV

Yeet! TV is Vlogbox's video streaming channel that covers various video topics from education to entertainment. It is intended to serve as a content promotion platform for content owners and applications that have recently joined the CTV party.

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