Propelling brand recognition with VlogBox: Key results for YoBoHo CTV channels

YoBoHo was searching for additional content placements and innovative solutions for leveraging their viewership. They partnered with VlogBox to create a strategy that would effectively reach their goals in the CTV ecosystem.

According to Statista, advertising spending on CTV is expected to rise from $17.44 billion in 2022 to $27.47 billion by 2025, highlighting that it’s accepted as a ‘safe bet’ for advertisers. While CTV has revolutionized media consumption thanks to its plethora of content choices and streaming platforms, it remains clear that consumers enjoy the familiar setting of the living room TV, which is why Smart TVs are a crucial component of CTV. This especially applies to families with young children, from whom the CTV experience is ideally as interactive as it is immersive. This is the demographic that YoBoHo focuses on.

Exploring YoBoHo

A subsidiary of BBTV Holdings Inc, YoBoHo is a leading digital media company that creates world-class kids safe and original content. The vast collection of YoBoHo kids and family content includes HooplaKidz, KidsCamp, Teehee Town, All Babies Channel, NurseryRhymeStreet, Annie & Ben, Yayo Y Lula, and a music library of over 3,000 tracks.

Education is one of YoBoHo’s paramount values, and the company has a number of educational offerings for age groups beyond younger children and toddlers. In particular, the company offers a library of content designed for young adults, and an entire vertical featuring easy to prepare recipes for aspiring young chefs.

YoBoHo's international presence is reinforced by the library’s availability in 12 languages. You can find the brand’s content distributed across leading digital platforms including YouTube, Amazon, Android TV, and the HooplaKidz Plus mobile app

Challenges the company faced

Underperforming Audience

YoBoHo enjoyed enviable brand awareness internationally in several languages, as well as consistent growth in viewership, but the company realized it could still reach more potential viewers.

Limited Monetization

YoBoHo was producing high-quality content for YouTube with limited monetization options. A new plan was required

Solutions YoBoHo approached

Dynamic Audience Expansion

VlogBox would focus its efforts on rapidly and dynamically expanding YoBoHo’s audience by focusing on its most promising language markets. Moreover, VlogBox would launch a marketing campaign to increase paid user acquisition.

New Options for Monetization

New branding to amplify YoBoHo’s high-quality existing content on various CTV channels would create considerable new monetization options to increase revenue.

Results achieved in cooperation with VlogBox

New Audiences and Increased App Installs

A partnership agreement with VlogBox to leverage YoBoHo’s CTV insight led to significant growth in viewer numbers, particularly in the English and Spanish language markets. In total, the number of installs increased by more than 66% in 3 months. Moreover, due to a new marketing campaign, ROI increased by 300% in 2022 compared to 2021, meaning that revenue increased with a positive ROI. These results make it possible to scale this business even more in the CTV ecosystem.

Higher Revenue

VlogBox developed 20 branded CTV channels on Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV with AVOD options. YoBoHo’s HooplaKidz gained +50% revenue thanks to the renewed positioning of the company on CTV, and a new marketing campaign.

Tetyana Seredyuk

PhD, VlogBox’s Сo-founder and CSO

We're delighted to share the initial results of our cooperation with YoBoHo. They highlight the remarkable transformative power of the CTV industry and its promise for content creators. Our next collective steps are to enter into an agreement with platforms like TCL to further expand YoBoHo’s international presence.

Mujahid Cheulkar

Operations & Marketing Head at YoBoHo

Through our association with Vlogbox, we are looking forward to amplifying the reach of all our brands amongst new audiences, with our high quality content.


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