MNC Animation Breaks Into the Novel World of CTV Monetization With VlogBox

According to Pixalate, the number of CTV and OTT apps supporting ads jumped up by 232% in 2019, and with COVID-19 lockdowns their quantity has skyrocketed further in 2020. With the approaching cookieless environment and everlasting quarantine, the ecosystem is getting more and more competitive, and nailing CTV monetization in 2021 has become a tough task. MNC Animation, who have just joined the CTV bandwagon with their Kiko Animation series, had to face multiple challenges to succeed in the Connected TV world.

MNC Animation, established in Jakarta on May 22, 2011, is part of PT MNC Studios International Tbk (“MSIN”), the content production unit of MNC Group, the largest and most integrated media company in South East Asia. The company concentrates on creating original content and developing IPs into art animation productions and other related IP businesses. In 2016, MNCA announced and introduced its first international project, a TV series entitled “Kiko Sea Adventures” to the world.

The Kiko Series have been translated and dubbed in various languages, including English, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese. Kiko now airs in 63 countries, including the United States, 11 SEA countries, Korea, the UK, over 25 LATAM countries, 14 Middle Eastern, 10 African countries.

In order to extend audiences and complement YouTube strategies with innovative content placements, MNC partnered with VlogBox to enter the Connected TV environment and air on major platforms. So here is how MNC has won the OTT audience.

Overcoming the challenge of going OTT

Getting content in front of an OTT audience is challenging in it’s own right, and MNC had to face multiple issues.

Lack of Awareness About CTV Ecosystems

CTV is the fastest growing entertainment medium around, and as CTV adoption continues to increase and speed up across the globe, gaining the first-mover advantage will provide a huge boost to anyone getting in early. As a result, choosing VlogBox stands as a sure route to success for content creators looking to branch out of the Google-owned walled garden and diversity into new markets and niches.

Limited Monetization Opportunities

YouTube remains one of the most popular monetization platforms for content creators, still, there’s always room for elaboration and experiments. According to IAB report, Connected TV growth exceeded 4% gains for mobile and 3% for desktop video. The average marketing budget of 2020 was approximately $20 million, which turned OTT channels into a new promising monetization entity.

Restricted Budgets for App Development and Management

According to VlogBox’s competitors’ research, the average price for app development reaches $100 000/ year. As OTT/CTV is a fresh and lesser known environment, such an investment can sometimes be risky, nudging content creators to search for other possible cooperation types and opportunities to develop an app.

Nailing CTV monetization with VlogBox

Together with VlogBox, a global CTV app development, video content distribution and monetization company, MNC deployed their Kiko app. The company explored the following approach:

Dedicated Content Managers & Customer Support

By setting up teams focused on channel approval on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV as well as video content distribution, monetization, handling bugs and providing reports on top performing content, there is an opportunity to concentrate on creation rather than on handling the technical stages.

Innovative Monetization Options

Connected TV usually has a multitude of monetization solutions:

  • SVOD , which implies yields from subscriptions
  • AVOD, the one covering advertising
  • Creation of additional merch channels
  • Product placement

The first two are the foundation basics to start with.

A Free CTV App Development Option

The first step is choosing a platform suitable in terms of the audiences one intends to reach as well as the rapidness of app creation and approval. As over 80% of the US audience watch CTV, it has become a priority. There is an opportunity to develop a channel on major CTV platforms. Still, it implies knowledge of BrightScript, and it’s logical to involve those who have experience and cases in building the scripting-based app.

Results that counts

The chosen approach has brought sufficient traction, turning into countable numbers that could make both marketers and developers happy:

Effortless Content Management & Distribution

VlogBox has ensured a full service package that includes:

  • Branded channel development
  • Video hosting and distribution
  • Approval, management, support, and reporting
  • Inclusion of Kiko content to VlogBox aggregator — Yeet!Kids TV
  • Monetization (SVOD and AVOD models)
  • Marketing and PR support (mentions, samples in general ppts and whitepapers, social media boosts, etc.)

High CPM rates

The average CPM rates growth has tripled for animation vertical on CTV, and Kiko is not an exception. In addition, its content has recently been featured on Yeet! Kids TV and is expected to double revenues.

Zero Investment in App Development

Kiko on CTV was created without having to rely on outside investment or funding. VlogBox assumed all responsibilities for development and further steps, agreeing purely to the revenue share cooperation. This saved tens of thousands of dollars.

At the moment Kiko Animation has a rapidly growing audience on YouTube, which also opens the gates to the hearts of cordcutters. And, as the number is expected to reach 46.6 million in 2024, now is the best time to explore the opportunities of the booming OTT market, while there is still a place to join the party.


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