Get x5 for your vlogging channel monetization on connected TV

YouTube has been a native vlogging home for quite a long time. However, with the growth of the connected TV, platforms like Amazon, Apple TV and Android TV open up a whole new set of opportunities to reach a broader audience and enhance your video channel monetization.

Your vlog + Connected TV = Your Connected TV channel

On viewership indicators, CTV is steadily catching up with cable TV subscriber rates, and it is a matter of WHEN we see a new ‘living room king’, instead of if. Just in the US, the number of monthly CTV/OTT viewers has reached 200 million. That is the reason why advertisers are increasing their CTV ad spend worldwide.

For vlogging, CTV is the perfect tool to expand coverage to live streaming markets

What’s the benefit? Vlogging app development and monetization

The CTV ad spend is projected to reach 13.4 billion USD by the end of 2021. Not to miss out on this growing trend and build up your monetization efforts you need to join the bandwagon.

Advertising rates for connected TV are surpassed only by the regular TV rates. Which means you get more from each view of your uploaded video than with other online platforms.

It’s also easier to get your content published on a connected TV platform and to reach a broader audience.

You can choose the right monetization model that will complement your existing content strategy


Ad monetization

Some CTV environments allow programmatic ad delivery. These work similarly to what YouTube offers – users periodically see targeted ads during their stream, while content owners get their share of the ad revenue.


Subscription-based monetization

This comes down to regular payments that unlock temporary access to content. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and dozens of other services work this way.

How to launch your own CTV channel?

So how do you start a CTV app? There two ways to go


Do it yourself

This includes signing up, developing a channel, tweaking content, passing approvals, managing limitations, monetization setting, etc.


Collaborate with us

An assisted option that relieves the major pain points. You can contact VlogBox to receive professional guidance and technical support to successfully start your CTV/OTT campaign.

Our top CTV platforms to integrate to

Popular vlogging categories

  • Travel
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Kids-vloggers
  • Education


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