Conquering New Frontiers: Big Media Teams Up With VlogBox

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    Big Media, a renown producer of unscripted content for the world’s biggest entertainment platforms, is partnering with VlogBox, a video content distribution platform, to create “The New Frontier,” a brand new CTV channel for Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV.

    Big Media, an international producer of blue chip content, has teamed up with VlogBox, the CTV channel development, video content distribution, and monetization company, to create “The New Frontier,” a CTV (Connected TV) channel featuring the scientific documentary series of the same name. The channel, which debuted in January 2023, is already available on Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

    “We are excited to extend our digital monetization efforts into CTV, in addition to the leading FAST players we are already working with around the world,” says Max Montoya, Senior Director of Sales and Development, Big Media. “Through this partnership with VlogBox we will introduce ‘The New Frontier’ series and brand to new audiences.

    “The New Frontier” concentrates on the accomplishments of humankind in space, providing an account of the numerous satellites and probes sent to explore the solar system and outer space. Putting scientific findings in an easy-to-digest and accessible format, “The New Frontier” helps viewers expand their understanding of space, its exploration, and its workings.

    The show debuted in 2015 and spans four seasons, each with ten 30 minute episodes. The most recent season was released in 2022, covering such popular themes as Planet X, life on other planets, Mercury exploration, and others.

    “Boosting the brand awareness and popularity of the space series and extending digital monetization efforts into CTV has great potential for both Big Media and VlogBox,” states Nick Platonenko, CEO and co-founder of VlogBox. “With a recent increase in demand for non-fiction and documentary series, the app can stimulate more interest in Big Media and create a sizable influx of new viewers. We are excited to have this collaboration with Big Media.

    About Big Media

    Founded in 2009, Big Media has produced more than 70 original unscripted series for the world’s biggest entertainment platforms. Big Media’s production team produces multiple original unscripted series each year, with a strong focus on true crime, military and intelligence, history, science and wildlife. Big Media also programs the FAST channel wedo big stories, which is distributed through wedotv. The company has offices in the US, UK, Germany, Czech Republic and India, representing more than 300 series and featuring more than 4,000 hours of blue chip content. 

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    About VlogBox

    As a CTV channel development, video content distribution, and monetization company, VlogBox focuses on providing their clients with the best environment to popularize their content and expand their presence. The company works with independent creators, large studios, and production companies alike, providing custom solutions for a range of clients.  By undertaking all app development, hosting, monetization, and advertising tasks, VlogBox creates space for their clients to concentrate on producing the best quality content.

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