GoodFirms Includes VlogBox in Top Advertising and App Development Companies

Company NewsGoodFirms includes VlogBox in top advertising and app development companies
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    In the fierce competition amongst OTT platforms, VlogBox assists firms in getting a hold of the digital space effortlessly by providing them with top-of-the-line CTV app development, monetization and advertising services. Let’s run through the details of services offered by VlogBox.

    Company Introduction

    Founded in 2019, VlogBox is helping businesses improve their branding presence by developing and monetizing CTV channels. a Located in Delaware, United States, the firm excels in CTV app development, content distribution, monetization and marketing services. Although VlogBox was founded in 2019, it has gained immense popularity in creating a brand image for video creators. The 21st century is a highly competitive digital age where every content owner struggles to reach their target audience, and VlogBox makes it possible to test new channels, that video makers are usually not aware of.

    The firm was initially into developing screensavers but now owns and operates 700+ apps and channels that also include popular video creators.

    GoodFirms Research Process

    GoodFirms is an internationally recognized research and evaluation platform that performs the same evaluation for every company so that the service seekers can hire a firm that suits their needs. The companies here are ranked on Quality, Reliability, and Ability parameters, after which the service seekers can hire a business partner for them. These parameters also play a crucial role in ranking and cataloging companies under separate categories.

    The same parameters were used to evaluate and examine VlogBox to receive a ranking on the website. As a result, the GoodFirms team inferred that VlogBox is delivering exceptional services, and hence they are soon to earn a position amongst the top advertising companies at GoodFirms.

    Monetization and marketing with VlogBox

    With the increasing demand for video advertising, video creators are ready to bring their online presence to a digital platform. So, the VlogBox team helps them with all their knowledge and effort to choose the right platform and land a high profit. VlogBox provides clients with a platform for creating, monitoring, and reporting on the channel performance results. As a result, the clients receive great services that can help them connect to a broader audience.

    VlogBox uses the robust medium of CTV monetization and advertising, helping clients focus on creation, while the company takes care of  all the approval and managing steps.. Furthermore, they concentrate on delivering optimized solutions with a transparent approach and visualized analytics for advertisers through cooperation with trustworthy supply partners and apps. VlogBox’s apps are now integrated with a robust cybersecurity anti-fraud solution to improve the clarity of the CTV ad ecosystem.

    The VlogBox team also gives clients a space to view their performance while they achieve targets for them. The effortless services offered by VlogBox help clients achieve their goals and make them shine in the list of top advertising companies at GoodFirms.

    App Development Services

    The team at VlogBox supports clients’ business by helping them to build their CTV applications. A dedicated manager gets the app featured on Amazon Fire, Apple, and Android TV. Till now, they have launched  700+ channels.  The firm has worked relentlessly to deliver services to a wide range of verticals that include significant sectors, from  educational to entertainment ones. With extensive knowledge in these areas, the company has achieved a market base of 150k+ monthly active users. Striving to deliver perfection, VlogBox keeps itself up to date with the latest trends and technology to boost its process.

    Working professionally with intelligent analytics, every service delivered by them yields maximum benefits to the clients. The VlogBox team is thorough with machine learning and algorithm knowledge. Hence, they develop real-time solutions so that their clients get  the maximum benefit.

    Moreover, by ensuring each project is taken care of with transparency and with maximum effort, they support clients in pitching the big mass of audience. Thus, for delivering ROI-driven work, GoodFirms spotlights VlogBox as one of the top mobile app RFP developers.

    VlogBox has been recently added to our Top 10 Delaware Digital Marketing Agencies by Designrush.

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