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    To all new brands and already existing ones, are you struggling with brand marketing and want to bring customers to your store? We have great news for you.

    Over the last few years, marketers have been witnessing great results in video marketing. Recent research about video marketing has also revealed that over 85 percent of businesses use video marketing, and 92 percent of them consider it as an essential part of their marketing strategy.

    How Brand Marketing Works Using Video Content

    Simply known as video marketing, it is about promoting and marketing your brand with the help of videos. Marketers utilize it for selling their products and services, increasing audience engagement on different digital platforms, spreading awareness, and educating customers and consumers on how to use their products and reaching out to new audiences. 

    The continuing growth in the popularity of videos and increment in the watching hours has left marketers with no other option than to utilize videos as a marketing tool.

    Source: Hubspot

    From Facebook Ads to YouTube Ads, television and CTV space, video content is having a great impact. It helps with your brand awareness if customers watch rolling ads. it also catches the attention of potential buyers and sometimes even takes them through the entire ordering process.

    S. Advertise Your Brand Using Video Content Only

    If you are part of a business brand, too and haven’t tried marketing your products via video content yet, this is your opportunity. In this article, we have eight practical tips for you  to be able to boost your brand awareness exponentially. Let’s get started.

    1. Demonstrate And Talk About Your Product

    Remember the television advertisements from a while ago? How creative they were and how well they used to describe the products. This is exactly what you have to bring back now with your marketing campaigns.

    Make videos about the goods you sell and tell your clients how it is a perfect choice for them. Talk about the benefits, the competitive market prices, and everything that increases your brand awareness. Try to make your videos unique with amazing descriptions.

    • Be concise with your video content and deliver your message directly.
    • Try to build a story that relates to your target audience.
    • Add a CTA in a way that does not sound too salesy.

    These points will help customers remember you.

    2. Share The Thought Behind The Production

    Everything that hits the market has a thought behind it, and sharing it can actually accelerate your sales. It is my personal experience. A few months ago, I launched my own clothing line, and the first video that went up on my social media was the story and notion behind the increases in brand awareness.

    While I was preparing for more products, an old friend, who is a Video marketer, visited me and asked me to create a short video with the first jacket I had designed. I had no idea that it would bring in so much business. We did it, and I kid you not; my first article went out of stock before I could launch the second one. My product became very popular in my local area,  and it helped me understand the power of brand marketing.

    3. Instead Of Writing Testimonials, Record Them

    We know that being a large enterprise, you still love to hear what your customers   have to say about your products. . However, have you realized how this word of mouth through video content can increase your business? Let me tell you.

    According to a study by Dissertation Assistance UK, more than 55 percent of potential buyers first check reviews about a product and then make their decision, and if the review is in the form of a video, it is known to have a great impact. So, slow down on written reviews and ask your patrons to make you a short 30 second testimonial video.

    4. Try Voiceover Videos To Explain Order Process

    If you are planning to create videos that are strong on  visuals and slides, go ahead. That’s another milestone to reach  but try to add a quality human voice to it. I know that  audiences today need a human voice to resonate with them. Buy voice converter tools and let the message go out. Now it could be anything; benefits about your product or the order process, whatever you find best for a successful brand marketing campaign.

    • Before you record your video, get hold of the script. Get it checked, reviewed and revised to meet your marketing requirements.
    • Look out for professionals. Never compromise on your marketing campaign. Find voiceover actors with the help of talent agencies. Cast the artist based on your product particulars and marketing needs.
    • You can also opt for online services. Review their samples and ask for the auditions. You can also go for tweaks and changes if you are not satisfied with the recording. Some of the best voiceover online services include VoiceBunny, SpeedySpots and, 

    5. Share BTS Videos To Build A Brand

    Source: Rev

    Today BTS, aka Behind the scenes, has some of the best video content that customers can see. You can record the efforts that go into launching, the takes and retakes behind the recording, or even the extra pieces of brand marketing in front of the camera. All this extra content can serve as BTS and prompt your upcoming customers and target audience to visit your store.

    • The first and most important tip is to remember why you are  making a BTS video. You have to give your audience a glimpse of what happens around you on a daily basis.
    • You can also showcase how your projects are being planned. If you have a product, you could record the manufacturing process too.
    • Include short interviews and clips of your team interacting with the audience, talking about their experience and your brand. This is one of the most important ways of strengthening your brand marketing.
    • Try to portray your story, how you started and things that motivate you.
    • Then, finally, add some music and select the best shots to give your BTS a kick start for your marketing campaign.

    6. Embed A Marketing Video To Your Site Telling Customers About The Latest Offers

    If you have a WordPress site for your business, you are already a step ahead of many of your competitors. However, to bring the most out of this site, embed a video of a few seconds telling your customers about your latest offerings. You can introduce  competitive  discounts or other incentives for your loyal customers through this video. According to, both these options are some of the most important keys to bringing in new visitors and increasing brand awareness through your content.

    7. Go For Trending Music And Give These Videos A Creative Touch

    Another great  tip  is to use   trending music to attract your  audience. I am sure you haven’t forgotten the coffin meme yet. Did  you know that many marketers worldwide have used that track to promote the brand awareness of their clients? It is a great way to bring creativity to your video content and brand marketing campaigns. Here are some tips for including videos in your content.

    • Make sure that you have got a license to use the music. Have a meeting with the publisher or the record label that holds the license. Get a sync license so that you won’t  have to face issues from any side.
    • Go for popular music. Obviously, you probably know this but I have to mention it, considering its importance in brand marketing.
    • Always think about your audience. When choosing music, consider what your audience will enjoy. 
    • Never compromise on the emotion you want to evoke with your marketing campaign. Analyze if the music you have selected is well suited to your target audience.
    • Make sure you don’t include songs with vocals. It can distract your audience from your brand.

    8. Emphasize CTV Advertising

    You must have experienced CTV ads, but maybe you haven’t heard about them yet. Remember, the last time you watched Amazon Prime, you watched an ad during the video content or even before it  started.  Also, you have probably seen some marketing ads while using your favorite apps on your mobile or while playing games. That’s what CTV advertising is well known for.

    Source: Verizon Media

    Marketers have found a way to connect with the audience when they are watching video content. Consider how brilliant this is. It will save time, and you can easily show your ads to the targeted audience. And when you cannot skip these ads with a length of just 15 to 20 seconds, you’ve got guaranteed viewability. You can easily utilize these marketing ads in three ways for your brand,

    a. Home Screen Placement

    They appear on the home screen of the app or the device you have targeted. It could be a static or animated image or a short video of 5 to 8 seconds.

    b. In-Stream Video Ads

    With a length of around 15 to 30 seconds, these ads are unskippable and appear during the runtime or even before the show starts.

    c. Interactive Pre-Roll Ads

    These ads are made to get interaction from the viewers who land on your targeted page after clicking on the ad.

    These are easy-to-measure ads with a high completion rate. In addition, with a growth rate of 35%, these ads are trending and can add great value to boost your brand awareness and product popularity. 

    Ensure The Videos Are Not Too Short Or Too Long

    The tips are done, but a small piece of advice for you; whenever you decide to do brand marketing via video content, make sure the videos are not too short or too long. A video that is 30  to 70 seconds long can not only stimulate great conversions, but also boost brand awareness. Make them engaging and stimulating so that brand marketing and video content can benefit you more. Rest assured you’re now good to go.

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