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    Fire TV is a video streaming device launched by Amazon, the first version of which was released in 2014. Since that time, 5 models with different configurations have been developed. Fire TV works simply – you just connect it to your TV or monitor with the help of an HDMI port and can watch streaming content displayed on various OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

    The device works as the TV operating system, so it can replace the smart TV OS. Currently, there are 5 different versions of Fire TV device:

    • Fire TV Stick Lite
    • Fire TV Cube
    • Fire TV Stick
    • Fire Stick 4K
    • Fire TV Stick 4K Max

    In general, all of the devices work the same but the differences lie in the quality of the image (some devices display HD video and some 4K video), sound (Dolby Atmos or not), and connectivity (WiFi 6 or less). However, every model of Fire TV has voice control with Alexa able to assist you. 

    Amazon Fire TV has a rich library of apps which viewers can use to watch different shows and movies and listen to music, so even an ordinary television can become a smart TV. This is the reason why millions of users are choosing Fire TV and it is a compelling argument for every content creator to create a streaming app for it. Today we’ll take a closer look at this area. 

    Why should you create a Fire TV app?

    OTT content is highly popular currently and it keeps on winning the hearts and minds of new viewers that switch to OTT/CTV from traditional cable TV. It can be explained by the many benefits it offers: OTT content can be accessed at any time and viewers can choose what to watch. It also gives many opportunities to brands in terms of tracking viewers’ behavior, analyzing app performance, and optimizing campaigns.

    Amazon Fire TV offers a lot of high-quality OTT content that can be accessed through more than 17,000 apps. In addition, this streaming device platform has 50 million active viewers a month. So, by launching their own app, content creators can boost awareness, expand their audience greatly satisfying their viewers’ needs and, as a result, increase revenue. It’s an excellent opportunity to promote your brand among new audiences  who are constantly seeking new engaging content and take your business to a new level. 

    How to launch your own Fire TV app

    Every Amazon Fire TV model works on Fire OS software but the operating system is Android which means that all apps compatible with Android will run on Amazon Fire TV as well. But sometimes there is no need to build an app from scratch because you can either use Fire App Builder or request professional help. Which method is better? Let’s find out.

    1. Using Fire App Builder

    One of the methods to create an app is to use the Fire App Builder which was developed for companies that have streaming content and want to distribute it through Fire TV and other Android TV platforms. 

    The Fire App Builder has its own architecture. However, it also has the option to code on top of it making your app more sophisticated. There is a list of requirements you need to stick to, if you want to develop an app with the Fire App Builder:

    • Android Studio 
    • JDK (Java Development Kit) (8th version or later)
    • Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to test your app and make sure everything is performing correctly
    • TV with HDMI port for your streaming device to connect to
    • Media feed in JSON or XML format with video content and such feed elements as ID, title, URL, card and background image. Note that any video format that is supported by Exoplayer will be compatible with Fire App Builder.

    To create apps with Fire App Builder you need to have some programming experience but you won’t have to write any Java code (the language used by the platform). Fire App Builder allows you to configure functionality, data feed, and layouts with JSON files, as well as create query syntax to get content from your media feed. To set up authentication to enable in-app purchases, ads, and analytics, you can plug in various interface components. You can also edit any design elements of your app by updating the XML or JSON files, without having to code in Java. Thus, Fire App Builder helps you create a top-quality app with no programming but if you want to upgrade its functionality, you can use the builder as a basis and code on top of it. Note that you need to have a video feed with your content published. It can be either JSON or XML (e.g., an RSS feed) but it should be your own feed, not a YouTube or Vimeo channel. Your feed can have any structure as you will need to select the content and categories using query syntax.

    The Fire App Builder gives content creators a much easier way to create an app and distribute their content via CTV. It’s fast and affordable but you should remember that a channel you create with readymade templates may lack some benefits such as consistent UI across different platforms, a variety of monetization options, and integration of third-party analytics (e.g. Brightcove or Google Analytics). 

    2. Create a Fire TV app with custom development 

    Of course, there is always the option to create an app using custom development. Although  it requires more time, effort, and expense, in the end, you will get a streaming channel that fits all your requirements and provides more benefits including: 

    • Consistent UI across different platforms, i.e. on smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and desktops 
    • Customization of viewers’ preferences allowing them to bookmark the content they like the most and track their streaming behavior 
    • Effective content presentation including carousels of recommended content, EPG view, and grids
    • Diverse monetization options (not only revenue from ad rolls) within your app, e.g. subscriptions, one-time fees for installation, and other in-app transactions
    • Support of DRM that allows you to use DRM encryption for content protection.

    If you want to create Fire TV app and you are an Android or Java developer, you can leverage Android Studio and frameworks as well as the Fire TV APK to create an app as Fire TV is based on the Android engine. When your app is ready, you will be able to launch it not only on Amazon Fire TV but on Google platforms as well. However, you will still need to use Amazon services for Fire TV.

    If you want to create a custom web app and you possess solid skills in HTML5, you can use the Amazon WebView and build HTML5 or Cordova apps, or even hybrid ones using a Fire OS port. In case you don’t possess the necessary experience, you can request app-building services from professional developers, but the cost may exceed your budget significantly as such services are expensive.

    3. Create a Fire TV app with VlogBox 

    This is what you will need if you want to create a unique custom streaming app with little effort and with your budget under control. VlogBox offers top-notch streaming app creation services. Apart from channel development, our experts will take care of all other aspects, such as promotion, optimization, and monetization helping you succeed and reach all of your business goals. We have considerable experience in CTV channel creation which is proven by more than 1,000 apps in different categories (education and entertainment, movies, games, sports, cooking, kids content, etc.) having been created by our team.

    Building a Fire TV App with VlogBox assistance is not only easy and cost-effective for you. It is also one of the fastest ways to have your channel created and launched – we will publish it in 2-3 weeks upon custom development or even earlier if you decide to create your app with one of our premade templates. And you don’t have to develop anything on your own. What we need from you is only your top-quality content. All the other work will be done by our professionals, so you will just have to wait a short time until your channel goes live. 

    You can choose the type of service that fits you best – it can be either a channel creation based on readymade templates or a custom solution with a unique design and outlook of your app tailored to your exact needs and expectations. Our experts will take into account all your ideas and implement them in the best possible way for your app to have a memorable image. Apart from that, we will take care of analytical issues providing you with detailed reports for an in-depth analysis of your channel performance. This also will help to determine the effective optimization your app might require. 

    VlogBox also provides various monetization options for you to choose the best way of getting revenue from your content. Everything will be clear and transparent, so there should be no worries or difficulties. We are also glad to offer you marketing and PR services from our high-skilled team that will implement the best practices for your channel’s effective promotion, awareness, and popularity boost.

    The VlogBox team will take care of every aspect, from your channel design to testing and uploading to app stores, further promotion, and monetization. Meanwhile, you can focus on your business goals and content creation with no need to spend time on development. In case of any questions, you can always address them to a personal dedicated manager who will provide a timely response and will help with any issues that might come up. 

    So, there is a wide range of benefits you get when you request a Fire TV app development at VlogBox. Let’s sum them up:

    1. VlogBox is a one-stop solution that covers all your needs, including your Fire TV app creation, optimization, monetization, and promotion.
    2. You don’t need to gain any extra skills, develop anything yourself or use up time and money finding the right professionals since our experts are always ready to do the work for you in the most efficient way.
    3. You will be able to control the analytics including integration with third-party analytical services. This means you will get plenty of valuable data to analyze your channel properly and optimize it effectively. VlogBox gives you timely support from a dedicated manager who will give answers to all your questions and help you cope with any issues that arise during the collaboration. 

    Thus, with VlogBox you get your unique streaming app developed and launched quickly, easily, and with minimum expense. Unlike custom development from the ground up, you don’t have to spend extra time on hiring a team of experts that includes not only developers but marketers, analysts, and support managers as well as deal with hosting and maintenance. If you request our assistance, you can fully entrust the whole process to our team and focus on your business goals and content creation. So, you get less stress and maximum success!


    If you want to take your business to a new level, boost your brand awareness, provide your loyal audiences with one more platform to enjoy your content, and attract hundreds of new viewers, creating an app for Fire TV is a must. You will be able to make your content available to viewers who use Fire TV and are looking for more high-quality streaming content. 

    You can choose any method to build your own Fire TV app from those we mentioned above. But if you are looking for fast, professional and successful development, we recommend you use the services of the VlogBox team. Our experts have a wide range of skills and considerable experience, so they will do everything professionally, allowing you to focus on your business and content creation without having to handle any technical issues. This will not only save your time and effort but your budget as well.

    VlogBox experts have got you covered: you get not only a custom app with exclusive design but also support, marketing and promotion services, analytical assistance and maintenance. We will take care of your app launch and content integration, hosting, testing, and uploading of your app to an app store. You can entrust your success to us because we have shown we can meet client desires and requirements and can make sure you achieve your goals. All you will need to do is enjoy the growth of your channel’s popularity and your revenue.