VlogBox Partners with Maya and Mary: Give a Way to Kids-vloggers on TV Screens

Company NewsMaya and Mary partners with VlogBox: Give a way to kids-vloggers on TV screens
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    VlogBox, a leading CTV app development company, is thrilled to announce that it is launching a the most popular CTV platform in the USA app for Maya and Mary, a Youtube sing-along channel with over 13 million subscribers.

    The channel stars two ambitious, curious girls and their little sister Mia who explore their world with the help of their parents, Alexander and Anna. VlogBox has built a customized the most popular CTV platform in the USA app and is working on Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV channels right away, to bring Maya and Mary into the innovative CTV universe.

    As a leading CTV app developer and monetization platform, VlogBox has been honored to help launch a custom streaming app for Maya and Mary on the most popular CTV platform in the USA, one of the top OTT streaming platforms in the US and UK. VlogBox has created over 600 apps on the most popular CTV platform in the USA so far, and is very experienced in bringing childrens’ content creators into the CTV universe.

    Nick Platonenko, the CEO of VlogBox, commented,

    “These days, content producers know that they have to move beyond just their original streaming channels. CTV platforms (devices like smart TVs, sticks, and consoles) are in up to 60% of households in the US. We at VlogBox help creators to realize the full audience and monetization potential of their content by developing apps to bring them into the CTV universe. Youtube channels, especially those which show vlogs, cartoons, and educational material like Maya and Mary – can find a welcoming home on TV screens now.”

    Maya and Mary got its start in 2013. They create fun original sing-along videos to teach children the importance of friendship, family, and supporting each other while also helping them to develop good habits and knowledge of the world. Since its start on Youtube, it has expanded its presence to Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and other large streaming platforms. As mother Anna Kondratieva explains,

    “It all began as mother-daughter time with my eldest, Maya. We did little science experiments together and decided to put ourselves in front of a camera. While we started out as a fun amateur project, our channel has blown up like one of Maya’s science experiments. Now we’re creating professional-quality educational songs to reach kids and their parents globally.”

    With their move into CTV, Ms. Kondratieva says that Maya and Mary aims to reach new audiences young and old around the world and to achieve the full potential of its content. “In addition, we’re thinking of creating our own CTV store where we could sell our branded items and think VlogBox could assist in this relatively new work for us,” she adds.

    About Maya and Mary

    Maya and Mary has been producing quality educational videos for young children since 2013. Based in Miami, Florida, the Maya and Mary Youtube channel has garnered 13 million subscribers with its catchy sing-along tunes, silly costumes, and bright animation. The songs are translated into 11 languages and have captured the hearts of parents and young children around the world. New videos are released several times per week.

    About Vlogbox

    VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization platform helping animation studios, movie content companies, and independent video content creators reach their audiences across the OTT/CTV environment. With over 600 live CTV apps under their belt, VlogBox allows video creators to reach audiences across multiple CTV platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. From hosting, encoding, and video content streaming to custom app development, as well as efficient monetization and advertising, VlogBox provides fully-fledged content distribution services.