Meet the VlogBox team at DMEXCO 2022

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    Conducted yearly since 2009 in Cologne, the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference brings together like-minded people from all over the world to share the newest developments in digital marketing. After two long years of waiting since the start of COVID-19, DMEXCO finally returns in its physical format, live and in person, with more than 600 speakers ready to share their findings. The timing could not have been better with the advertising industry evolving at all-time high speeds, and here, at VlogBox, we are ready to document every change.

    Our M.E.R.I.T.


    We are expecting to see familiar faces as well as make new connections, encounter new networking possibilities and make a lasting impression. With more than 20 thousand attendees, hundreds of speakers, and thousands of partners, DMEXCO 2022 is the best place to connect in the advertising world. As a huge media house, we hope to capitalize on the event by finding new SSP and DSP platforms, partners, and allies.


    The desire to uncover the unexplored is a must for any pioneer, and as the pioneers of the e-commerce world, we want to be the first to hear all the minutiae about the latest advancements in digital marketing. The conference gathers all the cream of the crop with stories and experiences to tell. With the heads of Google, Fiverr, Twitter, and other media giants present and ready to talk about their findings and developments, the conference is a perfect opportunity for us to gain exclusive intelligence on the matter.


    Devotion to knowledge is what drives us forward, and we want to prove it. With DMEXCO Worlds spanning across several large halls, the conference provides the best background for knowledge exchange. We hope to share all the know-how with other guests and participants in a casual, laid-back setting, to find new, exciting ways to advance VlogBox further.


    Ideas converge and take new forms when marketing industry leaders and tech experts gather in one place. And there is no better place to see that than at this expo. We anticipate gaining a lot of insights and unearthing all the novel ideas and opinions on the current and upcoming tendencies of this field.

    Let’s walk together!

    We would love to know more about your projects, ideas, and offers. Natalia Vashchenko and Anna Kromchenko, our business development managers, will be on the site for you to reach out to. Find out more about CTV advertising and what can be achieved together with the VlogBox team. We can’t wait to meet you!