Motion Pictures Teams Up With VlogBox To Boost “Mya Go” Preschool Animated Series Presence on CTV

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    VlogBox, the CTV channel development professionals, is collaborating with Motion Pictures, the renowned production and distribution company, to boost their CTV presence with the preschool animated show, “Mya Go” – firstly available on the most popular CTV platform in the USA.

    Motion Pictures, best known as a major international distribution company, has struck a deal with VlogBox, the video content distribution, monetization, and CTV channel development platform, to set up “Mya Go,” the brand new channel of the most popular CTV platform in the USA. Primarily aimed at a preschool audience, the channel revolves around the eponymous educational show that explores the world and shows its young viewers how they can experience it. The channel is also expected to arrive both on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV later in the year.

    “We’re excited to be partnering with VlogBox and offer international viewers new ways to access Mya Go. A sense of direction and professionalism is what the VlogBox team showed us and proved it in every single step of the process. We expect a lot from this partnership and hope that VlogBox’s unparalleled experience will help us to open new horizons and increase our audiences. – said Guille Ayora, Executive Producer at Motion Pictures.

    The VlogBox team is delighted to have obtained Motion Pictures as their partner. Motion Picture’s production quality and language accessibility, combined with VlogBox’s promotional experience on CTV, are expected to create a positive market reaction. With animated content on the rise, VlogBox is excited to further develop this vertical, introducing something new to the market and strengthening their presence in the Kids space.

    The animated series “Mya Go” is co-produced by Irish studio Piranha Bar and Motion Pictures and first premiered in 2018 in Ireland. The preschool series spans three seasons and 156 episodes, each filled with educational content about everyday topics like sports, gardening and music. The shows three seasons were led by UK head writer Sam Morrison who is known for his work on BAFTA-winning series Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, as well as episodes of Shaun the Sheep, Octonauts and Hey Duggee.

    The show itself revolves around the town of Everyday, where Mya Go and her friends gleefully discover the world around them and spend their days having fun. The cast itself illustrates fundamental characteristics, essential to show any preschooler, with telling names such as Tommy Stop, Suzie Play, and Emily Share. “Mya Go” is aimed at 2 to 5-year-old preschoolers and focuses on providing colorful graphics and catchy songs to capture their attention.

    “Piranha Bar is delighted to be working with VlogBox as they bring Mya Go to a new audience at the most popular CTV platform in the USA. Motion Pictures’ deal with VlogBox gives this multilanguage show a greater reach globally and we look forward to building our relationship with VlogBox further as Piranha Bar continues to produce inclusive, multilanguage, high-quality shows” – Dave Burke, CEO Piranha Bar.

    “We’re glad to start our partnership with Motion Pictures and Piranha Bar and we’re sure that such a collaboration will bring Mya Go to the next level,” – states Nikita Platonenko, CEO at VlogBox, “We hope that we can further explore the kids’ content market with Motion Pictures and Piranha Bar from now on and work together on other exciting projects in the future. It’s an amazing opportunity to deliver our expertise as marketing professionals in a multilanguage market.”

    About VlogBox

    VlogBox covers all the bases when it comes to marketing, distributing, and monetizing video content on CTV. Their expertise and intricate knowledge of CTV platforms and their wide range of experience allows them to support clients of any caliber, from independent creators to big media companies. Fully taking the responsibility for promoting, managing, and monetizing video content, VlogBox makes sure its clients achieve the best results on CTV.

    About Motion Pictures

    Founded in 1976, Motion Pictures is an award-winning production and distribution company with a catalog that spans more than 2.500 hours of content, ranging from documentaries and movies to 2D and CGI animations. Lately, the company has focused on producing and distributing animated content, releasing more than 12 animated series and films. Among these have been the award-winning “Raindrop” and “Glumpers.” Right now, Motion Pictures is still actively producing animated content, recently joining up with Piranha Bar in Ireland.

    About Piranha Bar

    PIRANHA BAR is a high-end animation studio in the heart of Dublin City, creating their own IP specializing in character driven comedy. They run traditional 2D and 3D animation pipelines plus a performance capture pipeline using Unreal Engine. Their slate is a mix of authentic voices from around the world from contemporary themes to folklore from throughout the ages – a slew of swashbuckling adventures, hilarious comedies and epic odysseys for kids, family, YA, 4 quadrant and 13+ audiences. Their pre-school series Mya Go has delivered all 156 episodes to many countries around the world and they have recently worked with HBO on their Game Of Thrones interactive marketing experience in Belfast. They have received over 40 awards across commercials and content, including the animation for the Emmy award winning documentary, Last Hijack.