Self-Service vs. Managed Service to Promote Your CTV Channel

Tips & TricksSelf-Service vs. Managed Service to Promote Your CTV Channel
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    The CTV audience is growing significantly – 92% of households and over 110 million Gen Zers and Millennials in the US are using connected TV. Platforms are also developing quickly, viewers’ behavior is changing and they are spending more time watching streaming content every year. 

    CTV advertising, which is a crucial part of many marketing strategies, requires significant time and effort as well as careful consideration of every detail. The campaigns that marketers run should be targeted as precisely as possible to reach relevant audiences at the right time and bring in the expected revenue. US marketers spent $9 billion on CTV advertising in 2020, and this amount is going to exceed $19 billion in 2022. In order to hit your targets, maximize revenue and expand your reach, you can try one of two options,  self-serve or managed advertising services. To make the right choice, you need to consider what each of these can bring to your company, and today we’ll look at both models in detail. 

    Self-service vs Managed-service

    Depending on the volume of data you work with and your budget, you can run your digital advertising campaigns on your own (self-service advertising) or take professional assistance from an advertising agency (managed advertising). Let’s consider the benefits of each model for you to be able to make the right choice.


    When you choose to run self-service ads, everything is clear and easy to see. You can track your campaigns from the very beginning to the end results you are hoping to achieve, making any necessary changes on the go and considering every option. For example, you can adjust ad groups and make creative changes, optimize targeting, tailor bidding and budgeting aspects. Aslo, everything will be done in-house, so you don’t have to seek third-party professionals. 

    The self-serve model allows marketers to have full access to all options and features to control every step completely. However, there is a vast amount of data to analyze and process. You need to deal with bidding and omnichannel scheduling of ads across various platforms, budgeting, and reporting working with a number of different dashboards. 

    This model will fit big companies that can afford an in-house team of experts who will cope with all the tasks and real-time data volumes in terms of programmatic advertising setup and control. The self-service provides transparency and full access to all functions you need in order for your programmatic advertising campaign to be effective but you need to keep in mind the fact that you will need to hire a team of professionals which implies a great deal of effort and additional expenses.

    Managed services

    From the very term of the managed model you can see at once that you won’t have to do anything yourself. Instead, dedicated managers (from an advertising agency) will do all the work for you. In other words, you just need to consider your goals, prioritize KPIs for your company, and find an agency you can entrust programmatic advertising to. 

    There are several benefits of leveraging a managed model.

    1. Team of experts
      Connected TV is developing in leaps and bounds, so the competition is growing as well and you have to keep up with all the trends and run your campaigns wisely taking a number of factors into account. A team of skilled experts with experience in CTV advertising, solid knowledge and understanding of all processes, and professionals who have the necessary relationships and know how to use all the tools effectively will be your helping hand that can boost the efficiency of your campaigns.
    2. Fewer spending
      Hiring and supporting an in-house team of professionals requires significant investment while managed services from a CTV ad agency are much more cost-effective, especially taking into account the level of expertise and powerful strategies that are being used. You pay once for a full range of managed marketing services and just wait for the desired result.
    3. Top inventory
      Having access to a premium inventory is crucial in CTV advertising. Using the self-serve model, you are limited in your access to the inventory and so you probably won’t use enough of your potential to attract customers’ attention. However, with a managed model, you can take advantage of the premium demand that an agency can offer to boost your income.

    As you can see, a managed service has certain benefits compared to a self-serve model, and what is also important is that the price you pay to the advertising agency is usually very good value because you get a fully-fledged solution and don’t need to worry about a thing. There are far more benefits you can get if you request professional managed marketing services. Let’s have a more detailed look at what you can gain from working with a leading advertising agency. 

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    What we offer:

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    Choosing between a self-serve model and dedicated services, you need to keep several factors in mind. Importantly, your choice could well depend on your company and your budget. If you can afford an in-house team of experts who will help you achieve your marketing goals with programmatic advertising, you could choose a self-serve model and handle all the processes with no third-party assistance. But if you are trying to achieve great results, want to get access to a premium inventory, and need true marketing wizards to set up and optimize your campaigns leveraging powerful tools and winning strategies, you had better choose a managed model and entrust all the work to advertising agencies like VlogBox Marketing Hub

    Programmatic advertising should not just be your responsibility. Sometimes it is better to find experts who will provide you with managed media solutions. They already have solid experience and are masters of using premium tools that your in-house team sometimes can’t access. True media strategists of VlogBox Marketing Hub will take on all the necessary duties in terms of the optimization and promotion of your campaigns and will make the best of it, so your only task will be just to enjoy the results.