The Best Podcasts about Marketing and Advertising to Listen to in 2023

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    The modern business world is always seeking fresh ideas and inspiring messaging to look at business performance and the industry at large from a different angle. This explains the eagerness of businesspeople to search for insightful tips and encouraging stories to enhance their marketing strategy and polish their ad content.

    Podcasts have gained popularity in recent years, and have touched on the marketing segment, as well as advertising. According to the Infinite Dial 2022 Edison Research has estimated that around 62% of the US population have at some stage listened to a podcast. They have also projected that there will be approximately 109 million monthly podcast listeners by the end of 2022. Podcasts are growing due to people using them for entertainment and educational purposes. It is a pretty comfortable and time-saving way to get some new knowledge and skills on a particular subject or interest. To help your business grow, we have outlined the best podcasts about marketing and advertising.

    Best marketing podcasts to choose

    Experts in marketing are encountering new challenges and trying to stand out from the crowd. Various thematic podcasts can help them find solutions or refresh their mindset by listening to interviews with thought leaders, as well as keeping up with business success stories, tips in strategy planning, current events and trends driving the market, and many other useful materials. That’s why most marketers have at least a few choice podcasts they listen to each week. Here are the ten best marketing podcasts that might inspire you.

    1. Marketing Made Simple

    This podcast was created by Dr. J.J. Peterson and Donald Miller of StoryBrand. It is a weekly podcast of around 30 minutes that covers practical tips on making marketing easy and work for you. Here are the latest excellent episodes to get engaged:

    • Solutions to Your Toughest Marketing Questions (31 min)
    • Stories of Success Using the StoryBrand Framework (24 min)
    1. The CMO Podcast

    Hosted by entrepreneur Jim Stengel, the former CMO of the largest marketer in the world (Procter & Gamble), the CMO Podcast reveals a series of insightful interviews with industry leaders. By choosing these 40 – 60 minutes podcasts, you will get motivated by encouraging stories from giant companies in the US market. Tune in to recent thoughtful conversations:

    • Alice Milligan (Morgan Stanley) | Be the CEO of Your Calendar (52 min)
    • Carl Loredo (Wendy’s) | Listening is the Super Power (52 min)
    1. The Marketing Analytics Show

    This podcast brings together many valuable tips for marketers, data analysts and engineers. Hosted by the company Supermetrics, it helps industry players make the most of their data on platforms like Facebook, Google Ads and HubSpot. Each episode is empowered by outstanding experts. Here are the latest episodes to get motivated:

    • Putting Marketing Data into Action through reverse-ETL with Google, Supermetrics, and Hightouch (Episode 42)
    • Breaking down the Three Pillars of Marketing – Awareness, Nurturing, and Trust – with Erik Huberman (Episode 40)
    1. MarTech podcast 

    The producer and host of the MarTech podcast, Benjamin Shapiro, specializes in helping companies grow and build an effective marketing strategy. That’s why he decided to join efforts with industry experts and provide in-depth podcasts changing the traditional way of thinking. The recent episodes are worth listening to:

    • Startup Marketing Automation (Lee Mills, Pixly)
    • Is Social or Tech Dying Faster? (Juan Mendoza, the MarTech Weekly)
    1. Marketing Over Coffee

    Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast recorded by hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. They discuss various topics in both classic marketing and new trends driving the market. Some good episodes include:

    • Now With More AI Generated Portraits
    • Using Behavioral Science in Marketing
    1. The Metrics & Chill

    When it comes to gauging the progress of your business, outcomes can be different and sometimes disappointing. The Metrics & Chill podcast will help you improve your business metrics and make them work for you. Have a listen to some of the latest pods:

    • Improving Website Conversion Rate by 6% (with Adam Goyette from Help Scout)
    • How Powered by Search Increased Sales Qualified Leads by 142% Quarter-Over-Quarter (with Mark Thomas)
    1. Performance Marketing Insiders

    The Performance Marketing Insiders (formerly 3-Minute Marketing) podcast with Chris Mechanic is really concise, value-packed, and focused on the best of the best. If you want brief yet insightful messages, then Performance Marketing Insiders is an excellent choice. Learn more from micro interviews with big minds from the industry:

    • Top 5 mistakes B2B marketers need to stop making in 2023 with Drew Neisser
    • The top 10 secrets for marketing success with Udi Ledergor
    1. This Old Marketing

    Hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, the This Old Marketing podcast numbers 330 helpful episodes. They provide overviews on the current situation in business circles and the global market, the emergence of new practical tools, and so on. Episodes last over an hour and can bring on new solutions for your business. Don’t miss out on the latest:

    • B2B Content Marketing: Opportunities and Trends
    • The Big 2023 Marketing Predictions
    1.  Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: Online Marketing + Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

    Among earlier mentioned podcasts about marketing, Go-To GAL leaves its mark by focusing on women and using an encouraging tone of voice. It discusses everything related to marketing: strategies, tactics, and mindsets. But what makes it special is that all episodes are inspired and motivated. Get the most out of recent pods:

    • Building an Ecosystem that Creates Cash, Influence, and Autonomy with Eleanor Beaton
    • How to Overcome the Overwhelm in Running Your Biz and Home with Kendra Hennessy

    The best digital marketing podcasts

    Digitalization has influenced every aspect of business, including marketing. It has brought innovative tools and techniques that allow marketers to move forward by keeping pace with technology and making their business work for them. The best digital marketing podcasts uncover many helpful insights to pick up, best practices, specific case studies, and more events for market players to stay on track. We have outlined the best choice of podcasts for you to pick.

    1. Online Marketing Made Easy

    This podcast by Amy Porterfield is a perfect match for beginner digital marketers who are looking for their niche. Along with related topics on how to launch products, build an email list, create lead magnets and others, Amy also involves experts in intimate conversations to open the reality of digital marketing. Go ahead and listen to the latest episodes:

    • How to Get Exactly What You Want? (with Julie Solomon)
    • Perfectionism Vs. Procrastination: what’s REALLY Happening?
    1. Marketing school

    The Marketing school, created by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, is a daily podcast with over 2000 episodes. And they disclose the valuable secrets every marketer needs to know. This podcast touches on topics like SEO, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization, and so forth. Check out some recent hot episodes:

    • What Is the Future of Advertising?
    • All of Crypto Has Crashed. Is the Fad over?
    1. Social Pros Podcast

    If your working niche is social media, the Social Pros podcast will be very helpful in leading you to success. You will hear leading social media strategists share their experiences, offer ideas and insights, as well as discuss current trends within the industry. Be the first to listen to them:

    • Why AI is the Future of Social Media? (with Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO of Marketing AI Institute)
    • How Justin Tse Gained 1.5 Million Followers (with Justin Tse, CEO of Feature Media)
    1. The Search Engine Journal Show 

    This digital marketing podcast is packed with insightful content to understand better what’s going on in the digital market. When facing new challenges, it makes sense to search for new approaches to boost business growth. Content marketing, SEO, PPC, and other elements of the digital industry are raised by host Loren Baker, founder of the Search Engine Journal. Among the latest episodes are:

    • Growth Marketing vs. SEO – Is There a Difference? (with Mark Spera)
    • How to Dominate Google Merchant Center? (with Duane Brown)
    1. Perpetual Traffic 

    Driving traffic is a great way to increase income but often poses a challenge for companies. With new solutions constantly popping up, new strategies for generating leads and sales via paid traffic are also appearing. Perpetual Traffic is a semiweekly podcast discovering win-win approaches to acquiring more customers online. Dive into this podcast and with recent episodes:

    • A Sneaky (But Legal) Way to Get More Emails and Conversions (with Adam Robinson)
    • Creative Client Acquisition Strategies (with Steve Sims)
    1. The Digital Marketing Podcast 

    With listeners from over 180 countries worldwide, the Digital Marketing podcast has attracted many industry players. You can find professional interviews with global experts and grab insights and useful strategies to take your business to the next level. Don’t miss out on valuable insights:

    • Influencer Marketing & The Hottest Social Platforms
    • Learn Local SEO
    1. MadTech Podcast

    The MadTech Podcast by ExchageWire is a weekly podcast discussing the latest news in the world of AdTech and MarTech. You will get valuable information about current trends and innovations to enhance your marketing strategy. Check out these  new episodes:

    • ExchangeWire’s Big 2023 Predictions
    • ExchangeWire on EU Targeting Restrictions, UKSAFC, and the Future of News
    1. Marketing O’Clock

    The host team of Marketing O`Clock, Greg Finn, Jessica Budde and Christine Zirnheld have managed to create a friendly and entertaining atmosphere when discussing complicated topics within the digital area. Digital novelties, challenges and techniques are discussed to give listeners a better understanding of how to improve their marketing skills. Tune in to recent discussions:

    • Is This Write? Twitter Releases Notes for Long Form Content
    • Flexible TikTok Ads Attribution Windows Open New Doors for Advertisers
    1. Today in Digital Marketing

    It is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest news in digital marketing. The daily 8-minute pods from the Today in Digital Marketing podcast won’t let you miss out on anything important. Subscribe for free and host Tod Maffin, from EngageQ Digital, will keep you in the loop. Here are some recent episodes:

    • Your Ads Going to Spam? Don’t Innovate…Legislate!
    • I’ve Got 99 Problems and ROI Is All of them.
    1.  Growth Marketing Toolbox

    This weekly podcast hosted by Nicholas Scalice incorporates candid interviews with experienced industry players. When focusing on increasing your income, knowing working marketing tools and technology is essential. What are they? This podcast goes into detail. Check it out:

    • Email Marketing Trends (Chuck Forbes, MoreVisibility)
    • Ecommerce Optimization Revisited (Rishi Rawat)

    The best advertising podcasts

    We have also explored the best advertising podcasts for advertisers to stay in the loop on everything that happens in the advertising world. A podcast can be a good source of motivation and a mechanism to trigger new ideas and approaches in advancing ad content and its distribution. Browse through the available choices and discover the best podcast about advertising that suits you the most.

    1. VideoWeek

    This podcast is hosted by Vincent Flood, Editor-in-Chief at VideoWeek. You will find fresh weekly interviews with a new keynote speaker every time, who shares innovations and insights implemented in the CTV ad segment. Among the featured industry leaders are Lisa Utzschneider from Integral Ad Science, Calum Smeaton from TVSquared, Aki Tsuchiya & Jamie West from Streamhub, and others.

    1. The Digiday Podcast

    The Digiday Podcast is an excellent platform to listen to the big stories and the major issues that matter to brands, publishers, and agencies. Every business is making a transition to the digital age, including advertising. Follow the latest episodes to grow your business:

    • GroupM’s Bharad Ramesh explains why TV ad’s measurement shift is only getting started
    • From Cannes: Jellyfish CEO Rob Pierre believes in prioritizing platform partners as much as clients
    1. Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad

    This podcast contains weekly discussions by the AdWeek team on creativity, technology, media and everything related to advertising. Here are some creative talks on improving the business climate with the use of ads:

    • Who’s Standing up for Sustainability?
    • Inside Media’s Breakthrough Agency
    1. AdExchanger Talks

    AdExchanger Talks is a good provider of thoughtful interviews with key figures and people who specialize in data-driven digital advertising. Find out more about the evolution of digital advertising in the recent episodes:

    • The Democratization Of Sponsored Listings (with Topsort CEO And Founder Regina Ye)
    • Catching Up With Dr. Johnny Ryan On How Ad Tech Can Change So Much – And Also Not At All
    1. Behind the Numbers by eMarketer

    This podcast allows listeners to stay current with the latest daily and weekly marketing news in an ever-changing world. The eMarketer team provides analysis of modern trends in digital media, commerce, and advertising and also a little fun along the way. Tune in to join the discussion:

    • How to Fix Twitter, a YouTube Shorts Milestone, and What Sheryl Sandberg Leaving Meta Means
    • Prime Day 2022, What Americans Watch on TV, and Social Media Shopping
    1. Blood, Sweat & CPMs

    Blood, Sweat & CPMs is an ad tech podcast focused on hot topics and perspectives revealed by key figures in the industry. Host Kurt Donnell, CEO and President of Freestar, holds insightful conversations with experts that can surely inspire you and update what you know about marketing. Among the experts are Travis Clinger, Senior Vice President of Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp, David Leviev, VP of Programmatic at Timehop, Eric Hoffert, Senior Vice President of Video Technology at Xandr and many others.

    1. The IAB UK Podcast

    The world of digital advertising is uncovering plenty of hands-on tools. These podcasts, hosted by IAB UK’s CMO James Chandler, are spiced up with pertinent  conversations about the latest news in the industry. They will help you gain   insights on how to improve your business. Here are a couple of  recent episodes:

    • Looking back at 2022 in digital advertising
    • 10 media trends for 2023, with Dentsu International’s Dan Calladine
    1. Sifting Through The Static

    If you are willing to learn more about digital marketing and advertising to grow your business online, the Sifting Through The Static podcast is the right place to go. You will find recorded talks with the world’s biggest marketers, sharing the latest tactics and strategies.