VlogBox Achievements: Let’s Make it Rock in 2022

Company NewsVlogBox Achievements: Let’s Make it Rock in 2022
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    The outgoing year was not an easy one as daily lives and society continue to change under the influence of the pandemic. Our team is not an exception, and also had its ups and downs. But hard times pulled us together even more, so we supported each other and did our best for VlogBox and its partners to succeed. Despite all the challenges we faced we’ve managed to introduce a number of improvements and innovations. We are happy to sum up our achievements and share the highlights with you!

    • We integrated Attriboost – the one-of-a-kind marketing platform for CTV/OTT attribution and analytics, so all VlogBox clients can get detailed analytical data;
    • More than 100 awesome companies and content creators became our clients;
    • We launched 200+ new apps, and boosted data transfer speed within all our existing applications by 15%;
    • We enhanced our templates by making them more appealing and trendy, and as a result increased user engagement in the apps by 25%;
    • VlogBox now offers its partners various pricing plans, to meet any clients’ needs, are easy to set up and provide the best opportunities for monetization;
    • We successfully launched branded mobile app production to extend our partners’ reach even further;
    • The process of audience attraction to apps required optimization. We did our  best to boost user engagement and decreased the install price by 30%;
    • As gaming is one of the most popular CTV verticals that is growing in leaps and bounds, we started creating peer2peer games for the CTV environment; 
    • We’ve launched the VlogBox Get-Together Webinar Series to share the best practices and valuable insights in the field of the CTV industry; 
    • VlogBox was featured in more than 300 media publications such as AdPushUp, MarTechSeries, AdMonsters, ExchangeWire, Entrepreneur, Cynopsis, and others;
    • VlogBox was shortlisted in the nomination “Best TV App Technology of the Year” by the Videotech innovation awards;
    • In 2021 our apps’ active audience increased by 140%.

    This is not the point at which we are going to stop. One of our main principles is to listen to our audience and satisfy the needs of our clients and users to the fullest. We keep on working hard to always be one step ahead and offer the best possible solutions. We strive to be better for you and we do become better every day thanks to your support and trust. We are grateful to you for your loyalty, and let’s move towards new goals together in the new year!