VlogBox and Allroll Have Announced a Partnership to Give New Opportunities to Channel Owners

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    VlogBox, a global OTT app development, video content distribution, and monetization company, announced its partnership with Allroll, a CTV marketing platform, and agency, in order to create a full-value marketplace for channel owners.

    This will allow Vlogbox to widen its advertising opportunities, besides providing customers with basic tips on organic promotion, PR activities, and YouTube shares. Through this strategic partnership, VlogBox will now be able to build an entire marketing ecosystem for CTV channel owners. Content creators from all over the world can now benefit from free and custom app development and monetization services, while at the same time leveraging new promotion solutions. With the number of the most popular CTV platform in the USA apps growing, publishers and content creatives both stand to gain from these new capabilities.

    “We are excited to partner with Allroll as our internal research has shown that there is a necessity for channel owners to grow viewership in the CTV marketplace. At VlogBox, we are putting together OTT app development and content distribution with monetization solutions for channel owners, and Allroll’s advertising capabilities are exactly what our clients need for further advancement,” said Nick Platonenko, CEO of VlogBox.

    Allroll, in turn, will receive exclusive access to numerous apps, which will present it with a perfect chance to grow its advertising capabilities, as well as increase brand awareness around its services. With this cooperation, Allroll will perform even better, helping the most dedicated content creators and channel owners to stand out.

    “Our purpose has always been to help talented OTT channel and app owners promote their content. We believe that combining our efforts with VlogBox will instantly scale-up their potential opportunities, as well as help both companies grow and prosper.” shares Alex Zakrevsky, CEO of Allroll.

    This partnership is an important contribution to one of the companies’ central mission – the creation and development of full-stack marketing and video distribution environment that includes all the necessary solutions for a successful channel.

    About VlogBox

    VlogBox is a global team of professionals committed to helping content creators, resellers, movie, and animation studios, create and monetize OTT apps, and share content with viewers from all over the world. The company has its mediahouse with 500+ apps. VlogBox allows its customers to reach audiences on Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

    About Allroll

    Allroll is a unique CTV/OTT marketing platform and agency designed to promote channels, currently concentrated on the the most popular CTV platform in the USA ecosystem. The advanced targeting solutions offered by the platform allow channel owners to reach viewers segmented by demographics, location, interests, and many other features. Combined with a wide pool of supply sources, these capabilities allow getting bigger results at a lesser cost.