VlogBox at ATS Madrid: Recap

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    The VlogBox team recently attended ATS Madrid 2022 in Spain to discover the latest trends in the advertising and marketing industries, and meet with its leading experts and companies. Some of the outstanding issues that were covered included:

    • How to adapt to the cookieless advertising environment.
    • Tools and solutions that don’t rely on third-party data and/or mobile identifiers.
    • Improving the marketing & advertising experience for customers.
    • New forms of marketing and advertising measurements.
    • Retail media opportunities and how to embrace them.

    Consumer Data

    At ATS Madrid 2022, there were two key topics out of the numerous issues discussed. The first concerned consumer data, due to its ability to drive business growth and support the creation of consumer-centric advertising content that is not dependent on conventional channels.

    With the move away from third-party to first-party data being foremost on the industry’s mind in 2022, a lively discussion on creating a successful first-party data strategy that delivers performance for advertisers was held.

    Business Monetization

    Business monetization was the second key area of discussion. The focus was on the importance of diverse planning, including a number of factors like maximizing unique assets, keeping pace with modern content consumption trends, and implementing new technology.

    During a panel discussion chaired by Mario Torija, Managing Director at Index Exchange, a number of leading industry experts emphasized that new channels, devices, and consumption habits have shifted the way programmatic will work in the future. As such, regulatory scrutiny will increase. 

    In order to uncover a renewed approach to monetization, participants walked through the importance of the open Internet and spoke about the value ad tech can create.

    Here are some highlights of the session:

    “We have to redirect our vision from the traditional one to implementing novelties. We don’t need to base it on traditional KPIs, viewability, and CTR. This is a challenge but consumers and the market are pushing us.” 

    Marta Fernández López, BBVA Creative

    “Third-party cookies are a good measurement source in marketing. If we cannot use it, then we resort to traditional means of measurement like marketing modeling and incrementality.” 

    Brice Février, PRISA Brand Solutions

    Our Thanks

    We are grateful to the management team for the warm welcome we received. For our team members Natalia Vashchenko and Julia Popik, ATS Madrid 2022 was an insightful experience that provided tremendous benefit to both themselves and for VlogBox

    We are also grateful for the opportunity to meet industry leaders like Gadea Rodriguez Fernandez from IAB Spain, Mark McGinn from DoubleVerify, Manuel Gutierrez from Publica, Julien Gardès from TripleLift, and others.