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    We attended the one-day conference ATS Madrid 2022 in Spain. This event was devoted to major issues in the advertising and marketing industries, and delivering new strategies and approaches to enhance businesses in those areas. It was the fourth annual ATS Madrid conference, which gathered industry experts and brought them into insightful panel discussions, fireside chats, and other brainstorming activities. The conference was orchestrated by ExchangedWire on May 11, 2022.

    The major issues discussed at ATS Madrid were:

    • The cookieless advertising environment: have brands and advertisers adapted to it? What tools do they utilize to reach new audiences in this landscape?
    • What is the value of tools and solutions which don’t rely on third-party data and/or mobile identifiers? Who is driving technological innovation in this area, and what importance will that have in the upcoming year?
    • Where can buyers and sellers gain fresh opportunities to get more control over their businesses, while improving the marketing & advertising experience for customers?
    • What will measurement look like in this new era of marketing and advertising? Are industry players finally learning how to put the consumer first?
    • How are opportunities such as retail media being embraced across the ecosystem?

    A New Era of Consumer Data

    At the conference, participants focused on two key segments which are extremely valuable for the marketing and advertising industry. The first segment mentioned was consumer data. Along with tech and creativity, data can drive not just business growth but also allows the creation of a consumer-centric approach that moves marketing beyond channels, directly to people.

    2022 is going to be the starting point for a new era in the advertising sector: a move from third-party data and compromised privacy to first-party data, consented data. Participants from companies like Unidad Editorial, Permutive, ExchangeWire, ADBIBO, PHD, BLUEMEDIA | HENNEO, Triplelift, GRACE, La Despensa, Bridges_a Havas Media Group Company and Ogilvy Spain had a lively discussion on creating a successful first-party data strategy that delivers performance for advertisers.

    New Business Models to Improve Monetization

    Special attention was drawn to the second key segment – business monetization. A successful publisher has to build a diverse business model. This model should incorporate factors such as maximizing unique assets, keeping pace with modern content consumption trends, and implementing technology.

    Considering the era of change we are living in, the matter of monetization in 2022 was raised in a panel discussion moderated by Mario Torija, Managing Director at Index Exchange, and other experts. They emphasized that new channels, devices and consumption habits have shifted the way programmatic will work in the future. Accordingly, with changes comes increased regulatory scrutiny. In order to uncover a renewed approach to monetization, they took the audience on a walk through the importance of the open Internet and spoke about the value ad tech brings to Spain.

    Here are some other insights we got from senior industry players.

    “We have to redirect our vision from the traditional one to implementing novelties. We don’t need to base it on traditional KPIs, viewability and CTR. And this is a challenge but consumers and the market are pushing us.” Marta Fernández López, BBVA Creative

    “Third-party cookies are a good measurement source in marketing. If we cannot use it, then we resort to traditional means of measurement like marketing modeling and incrementality.” Brice Février, PRISA Brand Solutions

    As publishers, we have to provide qualitative metrics that are crucial as well as quantitative data.” – Francisco Gallego Calonge, Unidad Editorial

    In addition, measurement as an integral part of business monetization was mentioned in another panel discussion at #ATSMadrid. With the growth of new marketing channels based on programmatic/automation, measurement has become crucial and has been more challenging. The moderator Nuria Gimenez from the Coca-Cola Company brought to the table the importance of measuring ad campaigns along with new marketing trends.

    “We must be daring and brave with measurement testing, Nuria Gimenez, The Coca-Cola Company

    We are grateful to the management team for the warm welcome and all speakers’ insightful messages. It was a beneficial conference and our VlogBox team members Natalia Vashchenko and Julia Popik had a great time at ATS Madrid 2022 by ExchangeWire.

    We were also pleased to meet up with the great leaders of the industry like Gadea Rodriguez Fernandez from IAB Spain, Mark McGinn from DoubleVerify, Manuel Gutierrez from Publica, Julien Gardès from TripleLift, and other reputable industry experts. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

    VlogBox participants:

    Natalia Vashchenko

    Head of Sales, Sr. Partnerships Development Manager at VlogBox

    Julia Popik  

    Business Development Manager at VlogBox

    Other ATS Madrid experts:

    1. Gadea Rodriguez, Associate Director, Advertiser Solutions at PubMatic
    2. Mark McGinn, Publisher Sales Director at DoubleVerify
    3. Manuel Gutierrez, Team Lead, Senior Solutions Architect at Publica LLC
    4. Julien Gardès, Managing Director, Supply – EMEA chez TripleLift

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