VlogBox helps Atlant Media Group to Experiment with New Audiences and Environments

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    VlogBox and Atlant Media Group have started a tight cooperation recently. Through the partnership, Atlant Media Group expects to expand and strengthen its presence on the most popular CTV platform in the USA. The company seeks reliable ways to distribute their video content through the Connected TV environment and partnership with VlogBox.

    The main objective for the Atlant Media Group’s side was to reach out to the target audience beyond their distribution platforms and to find out whether this type of content would satisfy cord-cutters’ and cord-nevers’ needs.

    CTV applications and video content distribution

    CTV platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. all function in a similar way. The content is distributed via so-called channel stores. There are also universal applications like YouTube and Netflix or thematic apps related to, say, cooking.

    Connected TV is widely acknowledged as the successor of regular cable TV, showing exponential growth annually. There are more than 70 million active over-the-top (OTT) video consumption users in the US alone. Meanwhile, the number of households watching cable/satellite has slowly decreased since the early 00s. This pushes video creators and content owners to seek newer ways of distribution.

    The CTV industry evolves gradually and along these changes come new players and new opportunities. We were happy to assist Atlant Media Group in this expansion and are eager to continue our cooperation”. –  says Nikita Platonenko , CEO of VlogBox.

    Cooperation with VlogBox

    Creating a CTV/OTT channel might be complicated from the development standpoint. Here is where companies like Vlogbox are expected to facilitate the whole process.  To grant Atlant Media Group’s CTV integration, VlogBox has developed 9 cooking-related channels on the most popular CTV platform in the UK and US. The following applications were developed and configured from scratch: Brgrs, Saladeria HD, Let’s Make It Tasty HD, Foodland, Foodup HD, The Cocktails HD, Smoothie Mania HD, Sweet Magic HD, and Foodland Christmas Holidays.

    “Moving with the times and investigating new placement is all about content distribution and developing presence. We’ve started a collaboration with VlogBox to find out whether the CTV ecosystem is our preferred option as well as reach new audiences.” – Vladimir Osaulenko, Director of Atlant Media Group reports.

    About VlogBox

    VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization company aimed at delivering precisely targeted video ads to OTT/CTV audiences and bringing high monetization yields to content creators. VlogBox covers hosting, encoding, and streaming of video content as well as custom app development and efficient ad monetization configuration.

    About Atlant Media Group

    Atlant Media produces content for the international market and distributes it to multiple-media platforms. Atlant Media Group’s 4K content catalog of daring and high-end TV programs covers all genres such as fiction, documentary, or other entertainment TV programs, dedicated to both a wide and selective worldwide audience.