VlogBox launches Yeet! TV and Yeet!Kids TV for Engrossing Video Content

Company NewsVlogBox launches Yeet! TV and Yeet!Kids TV for Engrossing Video Content
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    VlogBox, a leading CTV app development and monetisation platform uniting a large number of OTT channels under one roof, has launched its own channels – Yeet! TV and Yeet!Kids TV for the distribution and promotion of engaging video content.

    VlogBox now offers content creators a new option to join worldwide channels and share their videos with millions of viewers. Yeet!TV and Yeet!Kids TV are now available on Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

    Yeet! TV covers multiple content types, from edutainment tricks to culinary life hacks, sports how-tos, lifestyle highlights, and a large movie library to suit all tastes. Yeet!Kids TV in turn provides videos to children of all ages, including videos with sports activities, educational, and entertainment programs.

    Both apps-aggregators fulfill a double function. They serve as an additional opportunity for branded app owners to reach viewers and gain yields, as well as a separate solution for content creators to get their start on an aggregated content channel.

    Speaking about the launch, VlogBox CEO Nick Platonenko said, “CTV app aggregators are growing even more common, as their format is akin to a more traditional linear TV channel. When our partners ask whether it’s possible to stream videos in line with other content creators, we can now offer this opportunity.”

    The launch of these two applications provides benefits for all market participants. For advertisers, new channels mean established audiences, brand awareness growth, higher reach, and as a result, increased conversions. On the other hand, publishers not only deal with new placements, but can also pivot into higher brand awareness and higher monetization revenue. As for viewers, they consume the best quality content chosen from all VlogBox channels and gathered in one spot.