VlogBox Partners with Gusto Studios: Let the Useful Kids Content in

Company NewsVlogBox partners with Gusto Studios: Let the useful kids content in
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    VlogBox, a global video content distribution and monetization platform, is excited to announce its collaboration with Gusto Studios, the makers of the international hit children’s show, Bommi and Friends. The show follows the adventures of five-year-old Bommi from rural India and her animal pals as they explore their world and learn important values and lessons along the way. Bommi and Friends is one of the most popular shows in India for young children, and has been broadcast in 97 countries around the world. 

    VlogBox has recently brought Bommi and Friends to the CTV universe, in particular on the most popular CTV platform in the USA, allowing the studio to bring more children from around the world along for Bommi’s adventures. 

    Connected TVs are entering more homes around the world, and users are starting to harness more of their capabilities. VlogBox offers Gusto Studios a straightforward and effective process to distribute and monetize video content in the OTT landscape. The company develops high-quality apps for creators to put on CTV platforms by developing, testing, and approving the final product with each platform. VlogBox also offers full content distribution and monetization once the app is released.

    VlogBox CEO Nick Platonenko stated: “We’re glad to be expanding the library of content that we offer to the CTV universe, and we’re proud to join with Gusto Studios to bring quality, healthy children’s entertainment like Bommi and Friends to more kids around the world. We look forward to expanding Gusto’s audience and to offering them our technical and marketing expertise.”

    Senthil Kumar, Gusto Studio’s Creative Head,  stated “We are happy to collaborate with VlogBox  to expand our content worldwide, and we look forward to continuous long term growth within CTV”.

    About Vlogbox 

    VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization platform helping animation studios, movie content companies, and independent video content creators reach their audiences across the OTT/CTV environment. With over 250 live CTV apps under their belt, VlogBox allows video creators to reach audiences across more than 14 platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. From hosting, encoding, and video content streaming to custom app development, as well as efficient monetization and advertising, VlogBox provides fully-fledged content distribution services.

    About Gusto Studios

    Gusto Studios is an Animation/Visual Effects Production/Service studio in India, responsible for hits such as Sinbad in Space,  Bommi and Friends and The Wish Fish (feature film). It was founded in order to educate and entertain kids around the globe, with a focus on both customer satisfaction and children’s education. They are involved in the production of kid’s animation contents, 2D animation, 3D animation and VFX. Gusto Studios owns the original IPs of kids animation series suitable for the age group of 2 years to 15 years.