VlogBox Wins the Gold AVA Award

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    VlogBox has kicked off this year by receiving the gold AVA award in the Digital and Content Marketing category for Audience extension on CTV/OTT.  Among other AVA winners  are SEGA, Dell Technologies, DHL Supply Chain,  Harvard University and many other top notch participants

    AVA Digital Awards nominates creative professionals for their remarkable efforts in digital media. Any individual or company is welcome to participate and win the AVA award for the planning, direction, design, or production of digital means of communication. Most of the previous winners included various video and web production companies that did a remarkable job during the last years, so VlogBox has been recognized for the distinguished category of audience extension in the CTT and OTT space.

    “Our ultimate goal has always been to help professionals get the most out of their creative efforts,” says Nick Platonenko, the CEO of VlogBox. “Using VlogBox, they can extend their audience on CTV and OTT by reaching previously unavailable viewers. In addition to that, VlogBox provides the necessary means to monetize content creation. Some of our clients like NuNu TV focused only on YouTube previously; but when they expanded to CTV,  they saw a tremendous 50% increase in their CTV revenue which they achieved with the help of VlogBox.” 

    CTV audiences have reached over 183.5 million monthly users in the US alone – a huge step up for an average YouTuber and a chance to level up the game. VlogBox started its exciting journey as a CTV/OTT app developer in 2019, helping its clients access viewers on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV. It takes less than five days to create an app for VlogBox on average, and there are currently more than 1,000 of them under its belt.  

    YouTube demonetization has been another hot issue for many content creators over the past several years. YouTube is also known to update its advertising algorithms often as well as generally being somewhat inconsistent about its advertising policies. VlogBox provides an alternative solution, providing additional revenue streams using its native monetization platform.  

    “We’re extremely proud of our gold AVA award,” says Nick Platonenko, the CEO of VlogBox. “This shows how much our work is recognized, and it’s a very high mark for us. We’ll continue improving VlogBox to meet the expectations of our partners and clients.”