How should CTV marketing agencies develop to be customer-oriented?

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    The number of ad-supported platforms is growing, and marketers are trying  to keep up with new trends and technologies as well as increase their spending on CTV which is predicted  to reach 29.5 billion by 2024. However, not everything is working well, because viewers often run into problems  and tend to lose engagement, and so their loyalty level decreases. For instance, according to Ipsos research, 73% of viewers notice repetitive messages and according to HubSpot, 55% of customers  don’t trust companies and would rather ask for recommendations from family members, take other customers’ advice or choose to do their own research before deciding to make a purchase. So, the task becomes a bit harder than just launching a creative campaign. 

    Advertisers may come across a number of challenges, and in order to solve all their problems successfully, partnering with a trustworthy CTV marketing company is essential. If a brand can rely on a CTV partner that can solve all the supply, availability, and data quality issues, it will be able to satisfy all the viewers’ needs, keeping them engaged and loyal.  From their perspective, it is important for CTV marketing agencies to be more customer-oriented and take into account viewer demands.   

    How can a CTV advertising agency help companies keep their audience engaged?

    Viewers might show less interest in advertising because they very often complain that the ads are not relevant, are intrusive, or have some issues in terms of users’ privacy. However, there are some practices advertising agencies should take into account to help customers keep their viewers engaged and increase their trust.

    1. Be the true consultant

    Agencies need to understand viewers’ behavior, interests and passions in order to deliver them relevant content and promote something they are really keen on.  Become the best consultant for them by offering what they are looking for. In order to succeed in this, you need to do detailed research on your customers’ habits and track their viewers’ behavior regularly. This is not an easy task but you can’t skip this step because this is where your success begins.

    2. Take your time.

    You can’t conduct good research quickly, so get ready to spend some time learning about CTV advertising  trends to get really useful information that will help you in the future. Don’t try to make it cheap and easy, strive for interaction and attention. You don’t need quick results, but  long-term success instead. Use technological innovations to increase  interaction so you can  learn as much as you can about your customers’ viewers’ needs and make sure they are met. The more you are able to  grab the attention of the viewers, the more recall and trust a brand will achieve. 

    3. Understand your customers’ viewers.

    Viewers have demands that you will need to take into account, and you should learn to understand them. As a rule, viewers make transactions after doing  research, and then  they find the solution. If you satisfy their needs, you will make their lives easier. As a result, customers are happy and appreciate your effort and you get positive feedback as well as gaining their trust. It all can be achieved through relevant and engaging content. 

    4. Give value

    If your service is truly valuable, and not just commercial, viewers will gladly provide their personal data to purchase what you are offering.  If you treat them well and give them a positive experience, including relevant and helpful ads, their loyalty to your customers’ brand will grow. Understand that marketing is not just a part of your work, it’s the kind of service your customers receive, and this service should be of high quality. Of course, you should be creative to make promotional messages truly valuable. Focus on things that can help your customers solve their problems and show that you care, so they understand that you really do, and not just try to sell them something because of the income you generate. 

    5. Take control over the purchase process

    Viewers’ experience of advertising  is not always pleasant.  This is a problem brand marketers can solve by making smart decisions, learning from these, and staying abreast of all the changes in viewers’ demands. You need to monitor everything that’s going on with platform updates, as well as  privacy regulation changes and optimize your campaigns opportunely and effectively.  In addition to these actions, you should take control over your advertisement delivery – making  sure you know exactly when and with what frequency your ads are running. As far as measurement is concerned, you should monitor how your ads respond to your consumers’ needs and expectations. It will help to not only engage viewers with certain campaigns but build loyalty and trust. So, remember that everything you do for marketing your CTV brand is not done only once, it needs to be constantly monitored and optimized. 

    6. Test different approaches

    When every part of your content, from text to interactive elements, meets users’ expectations, it improves their experience and gives you additional benefits. That is why it is important to seek new experiences and try various approaches. If you continue using the same model every time, you might lose consumers’ interest. Be creative and use various techniques in terms of your content presentation. For example, try using success stories as viewers love them. They compare someone’s experience with their own  and are more likely to accept your offer. Produce relevant and wisely optimized content to continually engage users. If you have gained their attention once, it doesn’t mean they will always stay on the same level. If you are not careful with the quality and relevance of the content you deliver, you might lose consumers’ trust. 

    How does CTV/OTT help brands stay customer-oriented?

    The CTV/OTT industry gives special value to brands in terms of performance marketing. Advertisers can get real-time feedback and monitor how ads are working, which strategies are effective and which are not succeeding. the optimization steps that should be taken for better performance and so on. It’s an excellent opportunity to make the necessary changes quickly in order to adjust advertising messages to customer needs as fast as possible. In other words – introduce new creatives and check their performance on a regular basis.

    Furthermore, there are companies such as VlogBox that offer their customers top-notch solutions to track user behavior in detail and get multi-level analysis. With detailed statistics, companies can optimize their spending, define the main sources of traffic and enhance advertising campaigns to reach goals and achieve the desired results. For instance, VlogBox has launched products including Allroll for traffic direction among the applications, and Attribust to track traffic attribution and the most popular CTV platform in the USA analytics. This means you will get a full service which will help you understand the ins and outs of your advertising campaigns thanks to professional assistance from VlogBox and their top-quality products that will work on your brand success.

    CTV allows companies to become more customer-oriented thanks to in-depth reporting and new insights that can be generated on the basis of detailed analytical data. It is  characterized by more precise targeting compared to linear TV and creative strategies that can be adjusted in compliance with retrieved statistics. It helps raise the level of awareness and allows you to engage audiences much more effectively. Appropriate ads hit the right customers at the right time, so there’s no need to guess what a consumer needs.  Everything is clear and transparent and precise data is used for the right decisions. Apart from giving brands an understanding of proper ad campaign optimization, CTV saves time and money because you know for sure how you should allocate your budgets and what changes you need to implement.

    By stepping into the CTV arena, companies get the opportunity to deliver their creative content to a wider audience, boost brand awareness, meet customers’ expectations and satisfy their demands as well as maximize revenue thanks to a wide range of monetization options. VlogBox can take you on  this journey providing a single solution to all your requests. One of the main benefits is that you don’t have to worry about ad strategy optimization, analytics, or any tech issues, because VlogBox will do everything for you. You can focus on content creation and your business goals while our experts will use their knowledge and experience to help you achieve success. You can count on our support whenever you need it and contact a dedicated manager who will promptly answer all your questions.  This means you not only save time and money, but you can be sure that everything will be done effectively and that the success of your CTV channel will be  guaranteed.

    It’s crucial for CTV companies to give channel owners a straightforward solution for growing their audiences, getting maximum installs and optimizing brand awareness. This is what VlogBox experts do. Apart from having extensive experience in CTV marketing and introducing powerful up-to-date practices, we are always in close contact with our trusted  partners. This is an additional guarantee of success for your channel promotion and means successful acquisition of new viewers as well as the engagement of your existing customers. We are oriented to  your needs and at the same time understand those of your audiences, so we really know which practices will  be effective for your company and can therefore help you achieve the results you expect.


    Customer experience is vital and you need to do all you can to attract viewers. It’s crucial to respect customers’ time and privacy and not take them for granted. 

    Modern digital marketing needs to be transformed because consumers have a range  of options to choose from and they are better informed than ever before. So, they want to make the best decisions possible, and they will dedicate  time and effort to that. This means that your brand needs to be able to adapt quickly to the new demands of its clients. In other words, you should put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to understand their needs from the inside. If you find the answer to your clients’ needs by doing detailed research, using modern tools, analyzing statistics and partnering with the right CTV agencies, this can help you with every step of the process and you will be sure to see amazing results. It’s hard work and a long journey but VlogBox experts can make it much easier for you.

    If you want to build loyal long-lasting relationships with your customers, you need to think over your strategy thoroughly and optimize it in accordance with all the current trends as well as  consumers’ demands.  This means the acquisition should  be effective and your clients will trust your brand, knowing that you won’t  ignore their custom but value it. In this case, we recommend you choose the right CTV agency that can cope with any challenges and set up the process in such a way that every part of the mechanism will work on your company’s success. VlogBox is always at your service, and its experts know how to make your channel prosper, satisfy your audiences’ demands and maximize your revenue at the same time.