How To Sell Videos Online in 2022: 10 Steps to Succeed

Tips & TricksHow To Sell Videos Online in 2021: 10 Steps to Succeed
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    Since people tend to watch more videos on demand nowadays and this trend promises to become only more widespread in the future, it may be the perfect time to sell videos online. However, in order to generate income in such a way, making your video content available on the Internet is not enough. It’s crucial to follow several key points and a good place to start is to choose the channel through which you will share and sell your videos. Previously YouTube was the most powerful platform for video sharing and monetization. But times are changing, and with the ever-growing popularity of OTT, the ways content creators sell their videos has changed as well. 

    How to sell videos online beyond YouTube and what benefits do you get?

    Why have content creators started switching to OTT channels? YouTube has a lot of rules and restrictions which can limit a creators’ possibilities. On the contrary, the OTT environment opens new opportunities to generate revenue for video creation. For instance, publishers get more control over the ads displayed, boosting the efficiency of ad spend, while the YouTube algorithm shows ads to viewers according to their previous experience and does not allow any adjustments. OTT apps offer several models for monetization (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD), and more options for branding. Apart from that, the analytics is more comprehensive in the OTT environment, thus you get a deeper analysis of how your content is performing and how your viewers are engaged. YouTube also offers helpful analytical data, however, for mid-sized and big businesses there may appear the need for more specific data and the use of additional analytical tools. With OTT apps you get everything in one place and can use built-in functionality as well, which is more convenient and effective.

    But let’s take a closer look at monetization. How to effectively create and sell videos online? We offer you to follow the next steps!

    Choose a niche

    Though it may seem that all niches are already taken there’s never too much good content. Maybe there’s something that you do better than your competitors? Or you’ve got something unique to share with viewers? There may be two paths to follow: either you do some research and choose something that is trendy and that can attract attention because of high demand, or you create something you are good at and choose the niche that concerns things you like or know how to do, and is about something you can be helpful with. The second way may be the most winning one because if you like what you are doing and if you have some insights, people are more likely to watch your videos with interest. But if your niche is pretty challenging and lots of video content creators are already doing the same, here’s a hint for you – just do it differently. Don’t follow the crowd, create your own space. Find your own corner and take your place in the niche you choose.

    Build a strategy

    Depending on the content you are going to sell you need to define your target audience – the groups of viewers you are going to reach with your videos. But it’s not just about targeting. Think also about the value that will make you stand out against the background of other creators, and consider tag lines that will make your videos sell. You can change your strategy with the sequence of time according to the performance of your video, depending on your target audience preferences, etc. But you need to know exactly what your goals are from the start and what first steps you should take to start selling videos successfully.

    Plan your content

    Chaotic publishing is not a good idea. You should create a plan of your publications that will help not only share updates regularly, but also stick to a certain meaningful strategy as well. Of course, your content plan will depend on the niche you’re working in. For instance, if you offer educational courses then the plan is pretty obvious as each lesson should be released in a strict order. But if you publish lifestyle or entertaining videos,you need to consider what you will show next in order to keep viewers engaged and give them value.

    Choose a platform for video monetization

    A lot depends on the platform you are going to sell your videos on. You can be creative as hell and do everything right but if you promote your videos in the wrong place then your efforts may be useless. So, which platform to choose? The first thing to consider is the availability of features and options that might help you reach your goals. For example, is YouTube enough for you, or will its restrictions stop you developing in the way you want? Nowadays, many content creators tend to sell their videos by means of CTV/OTT platforms like VlogBox that provide numerous possibilities for video distribution and monetization. It significantly simplifies your efforts since you only need to provide top-quality content that will be delivered to the right audience at the right time. Other practicalities, e.g. your own CTV channel creation, hosting, marketing, and even approval issues with major platforms are dealt with by VlogBox experts, so such cooperation is for sure a winning choice for you as a creator.

    Choose a monetization model

    If you are going to sell your videos, you need to pick a monetization model first. There are three options available in this matter:

    SVOD – subscription video on demand

    This model means you offer access to your content for a certain price and for a certain period of time. This is the way Netflix, Disney+, and many other platforms are operating. But in order to let users pay for your services, you should offer real value, so make sure that your content is worth paying for.

    AVOD – advertising video on demand

    Using this model you let viewers enjoy your video content free of charge but they will have to watch several ads that are displayed at a given moment. The revenue comes from the business owners who show those ads within your videos. 

    TVOD – transactional video on demand

    This format implies payments per view. Viewers don’t subscribe to anything but they can purchase access to a particular video they’d like to watch. The most important thing there is to provide a diversity of top-quality content to maximize the number of purchases.

    How to choose the video monetization model properly? It depends on the type of content you share and the goals you pursue. Sometimes it’s better to start with an AVOD model and then proceed to the SVOD one when your content is highly demanded, so your viewers will be willing to pay money for it. 

    Create an online presence

    You may have a channel to distribute and monetize your videos but having a separate video website is a must. It’s a kind of business card where everything is arranged to present your brand and your content in the best possible way. This is the place you fully control and can manage everything as you wish. It is not even necessary to hire a team of professionals, such as designers and developers to craft your own website since nowadays there are platforms allowing you to create your own online presence with no assistance. But you can always use an alternative way and request CTV app creation from VlogBox to establish your own branded channel with minimum effort. 

    Upload video content

    So, your videos are ready to see the world, and all you have to do is upload them. This process is probably the easiest one. Just log in to the account of the platform you are using and add your video content. Make sure your videos meet the requirements in terms of quality and size. However, if you use VlogBox you may entrust the uploading process to our managers who will take care of every detail and do all the work for you. 

    Organize videos

    This is another important detail in the process of the promotion and monetization of your videos. You need to arrange your content library by dividing it into categories and placing videos in a way that will increase potential sales. Make your catalog easy to navigate for the viewers and structure it so it will present your whole channel in the most favorable light. Make your viewers stay with your videos longer and encourage them to come back again and again.

    Start promoting your content

    There is more heavy lifting you need to do to sell videos online – promotion. You need to attract and engage a wider audience therefore you should use various promotion channels. For example, leverage email marketing, social media platforms, establish partnerships with other creators, etc. The main point is to stay connected to your viewers and make them aware of your content updates, raising your brand awareness at the same time. 

    Sell your videos with VlogBox

    VlogBox offers content creators an easy and effective way of video content distribution and monetization on the major CTV platforms. Our experts will do all the work for you – from the actual development of the channel to marketing and reporting, so you can fully focus on content creation. What you get includes:

    • a top-quality CTV app 
    • connection to trustworthy demand partners 
    • winning revenue share conditions
    • effective marketing and promotion
    • personal manager support
    • intuitive dashboard for performance tracking
    • presence on popular CTV platforms

    To start selling your videos with VlogBox you only need to create an account and provide your classy content. Other matters will be arranged by our managers, so you will just have to wait for your videos to generate revenue.


    So, we’ve mentioned the most important steps we recommend you take if you want to sell your video content with maximum profit. You can use them as a guide or choose the points that fit your strategy best combining the most effective practices. But if you want to go the easiest and most time- and cost-effective way, VlogBox is always here to help. Feel free to contact our managers to discuss all the details and peculiarities of your future CTV channel creation. 

    In order to sell your streaming videos online successfully, you must, first of all, provide the high quality content you offer. This is the product that is crucial to your customers. With VlogBox this is your only task since every other aspect will be taken care of by our experts, including app development, management, hosting, approval, and any other issues. Using VlogBox you get your videos featured on the most popular CTV platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc., and that will help you attract new audiences, boost your brand awareness, and what’s especially great, earn good revenue.