The Most Popular CTV Categories to Choose from During Quarantine

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    From the very beginning of the quarantine, many felt a bit excited because of the idea of sitting at home. It seemed that an enormous amount of time had been granted for doing anything – studying online, reading, or just setting things in order. But the most popular activity for those who spend lots of time at home is watching movies and TV series. This is the golden age for connected TV that has gained momentum rather quickly, especially when so many people all over the world have to stay indoors day after day.

    However, watching favorite TV programs and movies is not the only option connected TV devices provide. When you feel you are done with movies, you may learn something new or customize your CTV device interface using cool apps that are available in an app store. There are plenty of applications to combine pleasant and useful things in one, so we’d like to mention the most popular topics this quarantine.


    Quarantine is a good chance for those who had no time for finishing online courses or mastering new skills. The most convenient way of studying using a CTV device is to watch some educational channels through apps you may download. For example, TED offers thousands of inspirational and informative videos by hundreds of speakers who share their experience and valuable info. But if you prefer straightforward and simple studying methods, you may search for other streaming apps that will help you study online. When pupils and students can’t attend classes and have to study online on a regular basis, educational CTV apps become a real helping hand. If you want to discover the world with all your family from the comfort of your home, download the NASA app. It offers live streaming, real-time Earth views, and lots of videos on demand in order for you and your kids to find something new and interesting to watch and learn.

    Movies and TV

    It would be strange and completely wrong not to mention this topic in our compilation. Of course, people all over the globe started spending much more time watching movies, TV series, and programs during the quarantine, especially when cinemas were closed. Netflix with its fount of media to watch is the most popular app for watching movies, series, and TV shows all over the world. Their collection is being updated constantly, so you won’t miss any new releases. The more you watch, the more recommendations Netflix gives you making it easy to choose what to enjoy next. Another premium streaming service for watching your favorite episodes is HBO Max. It has seen the world on May 27, 2020, and lets you watch HBO together with WarnerMedia content using a website or app.

    Kids & Family

    It’s obvious that due to the quarantine parents started spending a lot more time with their kids who always want something to do and have fun. Fortunately, there are lots of apps for kids of any age. You could use Kid’s Planet and select the content according to the category your child prefers. The app is great not only for entertainment but for kids’ education as well with its films, lots of fun and interesting lessons. Let your kids find out everything they are curious about by watching and playing. Endless fun and answers to all their questions are guaranteed. Your child will also love Bommi & Friends Kids TV – an animated series about 5-year old Boomi and her friends for merry playing and learning, and Fixies – the comical adventures of Thomas and his skilled Fixie friends.


    It’s great you can play games right on your TV. Dancing with the JustDance app is lots of fun, and you don’t even need any Kinect accessory (you can use your smartphone instead). But if you want to delve into some retro stuff, you can play Snake games just like you did many years ago on your Nokia (depending on the CTV device you use). If you want to have fun, install AngryBirds to challenge your family members to pump up birds for massive block damage. You can also play the legendary GTA on Android TV and get the whole spectrum of emotions, or race luxury vehicles and motorbikes in Asphalt 8 game building a career during the whole nine seasons. Some games have a multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends and family for the most fun in a competitive spirit.

    Food & Home

    When there are movies and games, there is food. Quarantine is the perfect time to learn to cook something new, especially if you can do it with the whole family turning it into an exciting pastime. Moreover, you can watch various channels dedicated to DIY and master some new skills which may also become an absorbing activity for kids. The best choice for cooking lovers is Let’s Make It Tasty HD with its mouthwatering recipes from fast and easy snacks to exquisite desserts to treat your family and to cook together. WikiHow will fit the fans of “doing it yourself” and those who want to know how to do anything. There are various step-by-step guides and instructions featured by illustrations and videos on any topic you may be interested in.


    It’s a bit ironic that travel apps are popular during the quarantine, but if you can’t go on a trip in real-time, at least you can enjoy watching travel programs and vlogs by famous travel bloggers to get to know something new and perhaps prepare for your future journeys. There are also channels that stream live videos from local webcams just for you to watch and imagine you are there having a rest, or apps allowing you to explore space right from your couch. One of the apps to discover the world using your favorite CTV devices is Amazing Planet with the help of which you can enjoy the beauty of our planet while watching captivating films in 4K Ultra HD. Browse among hundreds of videos showing the most amazing Earth locations.


    Spending more time at home is a perfect chance to delve into online shopping, especially when you can do it using your TV. It’s never been so easy and fun to look for what you love and make orders with the help of shopping apps like eBay placing bids and winning auctions right from your sofa. If you are a fan of exquisite handmade clothes, accessories, gifts, and decor, you will like the Etsy app where you can find and purchase unique items from talented creators all over the world. Quarantine 2020 is the perfect time to think over the upcoming Black Friday shopping, choose gifts for your whole family, or find a new outfit for the New Year home party, so using CTV apps to make all the necessary purchases is a wonderful idea.


    If you are going to spend most of your time in front of the TV screen, let it look beautiful. Specifically developed screensaver apps will help you turn your TV screen into a slideshow or just a picture matching your current mood. If you want to add romantic and cozy notes to your evenings, you may even turn your TV into a fireplace with the help of an animated screensaver and enjoy the calming atmosphere accompanied by realistic crackling sounds, or use Autumn Nature HD app to feel the special vibes of the season. One of the ways to personalize your TV screen appearance is to display your Google Photo albums and run slideshows made up of your favorite photos. Screensavers also help you create a festive mood on the occasion of holidays. E.g., install Halloween Candies 4K to decorate the home for a party or Fireworks Best Wallpapers to spice up any celebration.


    Just like movies and TV series, sports programs and competition streams will always be in demand. Though the pandemic forced administrators to reschedule most events, there is always something to watch on sports channels. 365Scores offer 2000+ sports contests in 10 different types of sport, help you track live matches, and get instant notices of all updates. If you are looking for something to get the adrenaline flowing, you can download the Bodog Fight app and enjoy the power and beauty of mixed martial arts.


    CTV is an excellent opportunity to spend time at home with maximum pleasure and to the best advantage. You have everything in one place – traditional TV programs and original video content, TV series and cartoons, music, news, educational channels, games, and much more. Whatever you want to watch or listen to may be accessed through connected TV, and it gets especially valuable in the times of quarantine 2020.

    We’ve provided you with the ultimate list of categories and apps for you to never get bored at home. Now you’ve got plenty of ideas on how to spend your days and evenings, and there is something special for everyone in your family, so the only task left for you to do is to decide what app you will enjoy first!