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    You might have noticed how many world travel bloggers are appearing on social media. They share amazing photos and create video vlogs to tell about their tours. This is one of the aspects of how the attitude to traveling has changed a lot over the last decade. Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between modern journeys and the ones we had 10 years ago?

    The changes

    Nowadays you can select the tour via your smartphone, send documents and payments with its help and discuss everything with your travel consultant via messengers. There is no need to visit traveling agencies (but you still may do if you want to). Resources allowing you to choose places to stay have developed immensely, and now it’s just a matter of a few clicks to book a hotel room or an apartment within the app. The choice is enormous like never before (for example, Airbnb listings have grown from several thousand to millions). Moreover, traveling is more affordable than 10 years ago. It doesn’t mean that low-cost airlines appeared these days. It means that budget flights are quite a widespread practice now with more carriers, routes, and airlines appearing.

    The points mentioned above became the reason people have started traveling way more. As a result, the most passionate globetrotters (either it is a travel bloger or just a tourist with a GoPro) decided to share their experience by means of personal blogs. Some of them are now traveling influencers adored by thousands of subscribers. They turned their channels into sources of inspiration and valuable information for every traveling enthusiast. Therefore, we’d like to share accounts of the best travel bloggers in order for you to get inspired and learn useful tips to use them during your next journeys.

    Top 10 world-famous bloggers to follow

    It’s better to see the account of an Instagram travel blogger than to read about his adventures third-person somewhere on the web, thus we will be brief. All we want is to share the most catchy and interesting channels, so get ready!

    Loic Lagarde

    This is a travel photographer from Paris who loves exploring the world and taking stunning photos. And every photo is supported by an exclusive story or fact that helps you enrich your knowledge about the world’s famous places. Exciting!

    Loic Lagarde travel blogger | VlogBox

    Jack Morris

    A passionate traveler from Bali who likes taking exciting photos with wonderful scenery. His way of life truly inspires. He’s got two adorable dogs, and his girlfriend Lauren is a blogger as well – just a perfect instafamily.

    Jack Morris travel blogger | VlogBox

    Murad Osmann

    Moscow-based creator of a blog dedicated to worldwide journeys who became a top 3 influencer according to Forbes. Together with his wife, Murad creates #followme photos applying the best local fashion and style in every shot.

    Murad Osmann travel blogger | VlogBox

    Anton Ptushkin

    Ukrainian famous travel blogger who creates fascinating videos about his journeys and shares lots of cool tips and info about the places he visits. He travels both abroad and within Ukraine, and his every video is a traveling masterpiece.

    Anton Ptushkin travel blogger | VlogBox

    Callum Snape

    This guy is a pro in photo shooting and filmmaking, so you will hardly want to leave his page.  He perfectly knows all vlogging techniques and describes his stunning pics in such an inspiring manner that you feel as if you are there, among this beauty of the universe.

    Callun Snape travel blogger | VlogBox

    Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach

    This girl is a pilot! But after some problems with finding a good job as a pilot, Madeleine decided to be one of the travel bloggers who show how amazing our planet is. One way or another, she’s combined her love of flying and discovering the world, and now shares catchy content with her subscribers.

    Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach travel blogger | VlogBox

    Jennifer Tuffen

    Jennifer loves sharing her traveling experience with others. Behind the eye-catching publications of beautiful places from around the globe, you will find tips, guides, and stories all travelers would appreciate. Her Instagram is a whole world at its best and every photo is like a perfect postcard.

    Jennifer Truffen travel blogger | VlogBox

    Alex Strohl

    One of the top travel bloggers who like extreme journeys. You will mostly see Alex climbing the mountains, riding a bike, or driving an offroad vehicle. And his stories about the places he visits are not less captivating than the photoshoots.

    Alex Strohl travel blogger | VlogBox

    Kristin Addis

    It’s not just another blog about trips. Kristin is a solo traveler and she’s fearless. Just take a look at her pics with the inhabitants of the underwater life, you’ll be amazed. Her every publication is a breathtaking story and a unique experience making you feel goosebumps.

    Kristin Addis travel blogger | VlogBox

    Louis Cole

    This guy will not only show you the globe but will help make it a better place. Find out about natural hacks, pay attention to earth-saving matters, learn how to eat healthy during your trips. Discover the Earth wisely with Louis!

    Louis Cole travel blogger | VlogBox

    These are only 10 top travel bloggers in the world with the most beautiful accounts in our opinion. Even during the pandemic, they share content that may hardly leave anyone indifferent and provide ideas on how to visit interesting places in times of quarantine.

    Post-quarantine traveling: what to expect?

    The travel industry is one of the areas COVID-19 affected the most. Hundreds of canceled flights, dozens of countries closing their barriers, and thousands of disappointed people whose vacations and business trips were at least delayed. Health and safety are above all but the urge to see the world and visit new places is irresistible especially after the long quarantine travelers all over the globe had to experience. Sooner or later the boundaries will be open again, so it is high time to plan your journeys for 2021-2022. Let’s take a fast look into the future.

    It is expected that the following destinations will be the most visited ones in 2021:

    • Botswana: it is less affected by Coronavirus because its borders were closed rather fast.
    • Costa Rica: has the lowest pandemic fatality rates, and successfully manages the virus
    • British Virgin Islands: the best place to practice social distancing among amazing scenery and sequestered beaches
    • Slovenia: while most countries are closed many travelers visited Slovenia and considered it one of the most beautiful places in Europe.
    • Montenegro: favorite European destination tourists love to come back to
    • Turkey: the country travelers uncovered during the pandemic, and they were surprised how beautiful it might be
    • Egypt: like Turkey, it credibly reopened to many travel bloggers and tourists in summer 2020
    • Maldives: one of the best destinations ever fitting any type of vacation.
    • China: everyone who has been to China once, wants to come back (especially these days)
    • Netherlands: because everyone likes it.

    Tips to learn from top traveling bloggers

    If you ask an Instagram blogger for a piece of advice, you will possibly hear that it is always better to spend money on journeys than on many other things. Even during the pandemic, there are multiple ways to widen the horizons – you may either explore your native country or visit the new destination that is available during the quarantine. When traveling is your passion and the boundaries are closed you discover new picturesque corners of your homeland and it occurs that so many unmatched places are so close. And you always can share your discoveries following video advertising trends with others, either you are a famous Instagram blogger or just a traveling enthusiast. Fortunately for those who like to create videos, there are plenty of interesting vlog content ideas, that will definitely engage the audience during quarantine.