Vlogbox and Sprout Studios Partner to Distribute Animation Content On The Most Popular CTV Platform in The USA

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    VlogBox, a content monetization platform, and Sprout Studios, an animation studio, have announced a strategic partnership through which they aim to distribute and monetize Sprout Studios animations on Connected TV markets, starting with the most popular CTV platform in the USA.

    Why the most popular CTV platform in the USA

    Connected TV is commonly considered as the successor of regular TV, showing exponential growth annually. There are over 70 million active over-the-top (OTT) video consumption users in the US alone. Along with universal internet-based platforms like YouTube, CTV services a large portion of the younger, tech-savvy audience. The most popular CTV platform in the USA is one of the largest and most secure CTV platforms, which makes it an ideal option for CTV beginners.

    Partnership Objectives

    Vlogbox and Sprout Studios have set three main goals for their partnership:

    1. Designing a children’s entertainment portal on the most popular CTV platform in the USA – Nunu TV;
    2. Content distribution and optimization for seamless streaming;
    3. Channel monetization configuration.

    “Our mission is to help good content creators promote their works, so more people can benefit from it. And we’re also big fans of animation! Partnering with Sprout Studios made us confident Vlogbox is moving in the right direction.” – commented Nick Platonenko, CEO of Vlogbox.

    Nunu App

    The application consists of animated content featuring music and video playlists for entertaining workouts. The library is designed to create a daily routine for family fitness, which contributes to physical wellness, acquiring good habits, and teaches healthy screen use.

    “We’re proud to create and distribute animation for a good purpose. With our daily workouts and singing, kids can develop healthy habits in a fun and playful way. By using new geographic and platform diversity, we’ll be able to stream these values to a wider range of people. Thanks to Vlogbox, Sprout will be able to reach new audiences on CTV/OTT with maximum efficiency.” – Rachit Khandelwal, Head of the animation studio said.

    About Vlogbox

    VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization company aimed at delivering precisely targeted video ads to CTV/OTT audiences and bringing high monetization yields to content creators. VlogBox covers hosting, encoding, streaming as well as custom app development and efficient ad monetization configuration across 14 main CTV/OTT platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.

    About Sprout Studios

    Sprout Studios is an animation studio that creates visual content for kids. The team deals with full-cycle animation works from pre-production, scripting, sketching, character design, to complex CGI animation production.