VlogBox Announces Cooperation with Exprimer India

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    VlogBox, a CTV app development, monetization and advertising company, is delighted to announce a cooperation agreement with Exprimer India LLP, a provider of recruitment and content services including HTML-5 and Android games.

    VlogBox and Exprimer India LLP start work together on the Ocio Activo en Casa app developed by VlogBox. This app is designed to maximise the user’s time at home, including everything from DIY tips and ideas to video tutorials on how to stay in shape. The two companies put a goal to optimize the app even further and unleash its full monetization potential.

    Exprimer India LLP will be able to reach new promising audiences and assess its viability in a new market. The company can also now start monetizing its content, connecting to the top sources of demand, as well as promote their channel through additional partnership opportunities.

    “We are very excited about our cooperation with Exprimer India LLP. Together we will expand our audiences within the CTV market and bring top quality content to the video consumers. We hope for long-term cooperation and fantastic results,” Platonenko said.

    About Vlogbox

    VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization platform helping animation studios, movie content companies, and independent video content creators reach their audiences across the OTT/CTV environment. With over 250 live CTV apps under their belt, VlogBox allows video creators to reach audiences across more than 14 platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. From hosting, encoding, and video content streaming to custom app development, as well as efficient monetization and advertising, VlogBox provides fully-fledged content distribution services.

    About Exprimer India LLP

    Exprimer India LLP acts as a preferred partner to multinational companies in producing high quality content services. The company offers entertaining and appealing media for mobile users and enjoys strategic tie-ups with global content partners and high quality web portals. Beyond HTML-5 and android games, Exprimer India LLP also produces high quality videos, wallpapers and animations.