VlogBox Partners with Protected Media to Enhance Transparency in CTV Advertising

Company NewsVlogBox Partners with Protected Media to Enhance Transparency in CTV Advertising
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    VlogBox, a leading video monetization and distribution company, recently forged a partnership with anti-fraud company Protected Media to improve fraud detection on its platform. VlogBox’s applications are now fitted with Protected Media’s SDK, which offers a robust cybersecurity solution for the CTV ad ecosystem. 

    VlogBox handles ad transactions for a multitude of advertisers and video content creators on the popular CTV/OTT platforms. The company strives to bring efficient ad monetization built on trust between advertisers and publishers. The move to create a fraud-free environment will help maximize the benefits of CTV advertising across the board. And incorporating an advanced detection and prevention solution intensifies the VlogBox platform’s fight against ingenuous publishers, thereby enabling all advertisers to achieve high ROAS.

    Transparency has long been a huge drawback in the CTV ecosystem. With strong cryptography at the impression-level for user and device authentication and data verification, advertisers can be protected from bots, click-farms, and fraudulent transactions. 

    Protected Media’s patented anti-fraud technology verifies and digitally signs each ad impression. It prevents any tampering, spoofing and impersonation that could compromise ad campaigns. Fraudulent impressions are removed, giving proactive protection to ad buyers. Publishers are also able to check on the verification of transactions processed in a cycle that will help cut down on bad actors.

    VlogBox’s CEO Nick Platonenko stated: “We’re moving to increase the efficacy of our clients’ digital agency. Working hand-in-hand with Protected Media will enhance our platform’s antifraud capabilities, thus ushering in greater transparency in CTV ad buying. We value our advertisers and are looking forward to solidifying their confidence in our ad platforms.”

    About VlogBox

    VlogBox is a video content distribution and monetization platform that caters to advertisers and OTT/CTV channel owners. The company enables brands to reach viewers on 14 popular platforms and more, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. VlogBox has developed over 250 custom CTV apps for video content creators providing hosting, encoding, and streaming services. They offer video monetization and advertising across a thriving CTV environment.

    About Protected Media

    Protected Media is an Israeli-based software company specializing in ad fraud detection and avoidance. It was founded in 2014 and is currently accredited by MRC for SIVT detection and filtration on OTT as well as Desktop, Mobile Web, and Mobile Apps. Protected Media’s product suite includes ProtectedTV, a patent-pending CTV solution with unique three-way authentication and verification technology. They provide an advanced technology stack for publishers and advertisers across the globe, offering SSPs, DSPs, networks and exchanges. The anti-fraud company aims to ensure their partners can verify the authenticity of any given transaction across the CTV supply chain.