VlogBox at Kidscreen Summit: Recap

Table of contents

    VlogBox was delighted to attend and sponsor the Kidscreen Summit 2022, one of the essential annual events in the children’s entertainment industry. The summit took place in the InterContinental, Miami from 18-21 July.

    We were very fortunate to meet up with top media providers at the conference. As one of the exhibitors, we shed light on how CTV could be useful for beginner creators, production studios and brands.

    The attendees included: 

    • Producers, creators & distributors
    • Digital media content creators
    • TV programming, acquisition & development executives
    • Retailers
    • Marketers

    We also had the opportunity to compare notes on our experience in monetizing the business with other industry leaders. In addition, there were productive discussion panels and workshops with world leading experts. We had valuable interactions with producers and creators of quality kids’ content such as Luiza Favale from Glaz Entretenimiento, Ahrum Danker from PinkFong, Miguel Aldasoro from Anima Kitchen, Bharath Laxmipati from Green Gold Animation, Gaston Gorali from Mundoloco CGI, Andrew Kavanagh from Kavaleer Production, Ani Poghosyan from Bimi Boo Kids, Anna Shchur from ZeptoLab and a lot of other talented content creators and distributors.

    The event brought together over 1,500 delegates and created a unique atmosphere to discuss a range of challenging topics. Every speech felt detailed and insightful and the speakers brought up the recent challenges and latest innovations within the children’s media sector.

    Talks at the event included ‘360-Degree Brand Strategy: The merits of making a big splash;’ ‘Breaking Free: Taking a brand from YouTube to linear and beyond;’ ‘Advanced Authenticity: Co-creating with kids to level up on relevance’, and ‘Real-Time Game Changers’ as well as other valuable contributions. 

    We were very happy to be at the conference and were able to get to know really talented industry professionals and increase our collaboration with them. Events such as these help every industry player to update their business vision and incorporate  useful ideas on how to make their business grow. We very much look forward to attending the summit next year.

    Anna McMichael: “The CTV industry is overcoming the COVID era, and all business flows are carried out pretty fast. Along with this breakthrough, people seem to spend less time on watching traditional TV. At the same time, CTV remains among the fastest-growing industries and we can expect even more quality content to be available on the big screen in the coming years.’’

    Oleksandr Zakrevskyi: “One of the challenges the industry faces is that a lot of quality content has certain obstacles to overcome to be displayed on the big screen. We are glad that VlogBox can contribute to solving these issues and help talented content creators and distributors to reach thousands of new viewers.”