How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: 5 Viable Platforms to Maximize Your Reach

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    The video industry is developing fast, and having a channel is a must for every creator who wants to boost content promotion and generate a yield from engaging recordings. Some time ago, YouTube was the main platform where videos could be monetized. But today there are lots of other alternatives that can help generate revenue from this content, taking full control over the monetization process as well as the performance of videos. Let’s look into some actionable strategies and ideas to make money outside of YouTube but first clearly define how video monetization works.

    What is video monetization?

    In a few simple words, it’s a process of creating income by sharing your videos on a hosting platform. The more views your content gets and the more users subscribe to it, the more money you are paid.

    There are lots of video platforms that can help you expand your audience online and monetize the videos you share. We’ll describe the most interesting ones, except for YouTube which is known by anyone. So what are the alternatives?

    #1 VlogBox

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: VlogBox

    Source: VlogBox

    VlogBox is a powerful platform for your video monetization if you have a CTV channel with lots of top-quality content. Don’t worry, if you still don’t have your own CTV app, VlogBox is the place where you will be able to develop it seamlessly. Our experts will take care of every aspect from your custom channel design to its launch, monetization and promotion across the most popular platforms.

    Making money outside of YouTube is easy with VlogBox. You can generate revenue using two models: SVOD (subscription video on demand) to earn from monthly subscriptions and AVOD (advertising video on demand) to make a profit from ad display in your videos (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll). Monetization with VlogBox is easy, effective, and 100% transparent. The integration process won’t involve too much effort as your personal manager will support you at every stage.

    VlogBox helps content creators connect with the most trustworthy demand partners and offers high eCPM rates. You will also get detailed analytics to track your content performance and optimize your strategy to achieve all your goals. To start earning, you need only create a VlogBox account and provide engaging content, everything else will be done by the VlogBox experts. Your channel will have great potential if you choose to monetize it with VlogBox!

    #2 Vimeo

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: Vimeo

    Source: Vimeo

    Vimeo allows you to monetize your videos without YouTube in 3 main ways:

    1. Video subscriptions: you create a custom website where you can offer top-quality content all over the globe setting your own prices in more than 100 currencies. You can also use promotions, coupons, and gift subscriptions to engage and retain your subscribers effectively.

    2. Live streams. Launch live events with pay-per-view access, and then turn them into videos on-demand using the auto-archive option. Vimeo provides HDR and 4K video with Dolby Vision audio support, and offers creators the option to use all the necessary tools to boost their events performance.

    3. Branded apps. Vimeo helps you create your own custom app to share your videos across different platforms. All you need is just to provide the content and Vimeo will take care of the development and maintenance. You can manage your earnings right from your app as well as get analytics to learn more about viewers’ behavior.

    #3 Twitch

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: Twitch

    Source: Twitch

    Video monetization on Twitch is based on online advertising and paid subscriptions. The membership on the platform is free and users can watch videos, chat with each other, and stream their own videos. Advertising on Twitch starts immediately when users play a video and periodically pops up during streaming. All the content is based around video games, so the main audience is gamers.

    With Twitch, you can get revenue using Bits and Subscriptions, by running ads on your streams, being an Affiliate or a Partner, or by using the option of third-party sponsorship involving brands to boost your income.

    #4 TikTok

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: TikTok

    Source: TikTok

    Content creators can generate income beyond YouTube on TikTok in several ways, including the following:

    1. Creator funds. You can earn money just by posting content regularly.

    2. Live streaming (for this you should have over 1,000 followers). Users purchase coins that they may give to broadcasters, and also content creators can receive donations during their live streams.

    3. Creator Marketplace – a platform where creators and brands make their ad-based content. There are several standards you need to meet, including having a personal account, having more than 100,000 followers and likes and uploading at least 3 videos a month.

    4. Affiliate marketing. In this case, you will get a commission if your followers buy products via the link or code you provide (you should have a business account to place clickable links).

    #5 Dailymotion

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: Dailymotion

    Source: Dailymotion

    When you become a DailyMotion partner, you can promote your videos through the platform and generate income from them. Many videos contain in-stream ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ones), so you can get a share of the revenue generated by them.

    Your earnings depend on your number of views, so it is better to share your videos as much as possible. If you verify your site domains, you will be able to embed your videos there to engage more viewers and continue monetizing videos without YouTube effectively.

    Dailymotion provides analytics for you to track your earnings, and when the balance is more than $100, you will be able to receive payment.


    Now you know how to make money beyond YouTube, the possibilities for your video content monetization are almost limitless. You just need to choose the right platform and publish top-quality content regularly to engage your audience, attract new subscribers and generate revenue. But if you are seeking a one-stop solution to create an exclusive CTV channel, expand your reach, boost awareness, and monetize your video content effectively, you should request professional assistance from VlogBox. We know what you need to be ahead of the game and achieve your desired profit with minimum effort!