How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: 5 Viable Platforms to Maximize Your Reach

Tips & TricksVideo Monetization. How to Make Money Without YouTube
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    Uploading your video to YouTube is not the only option to start earning money and showcase your content.

    These days every content creator is able to earn money from video views. YouTubers do make money but there are lots of other alternatives that can help to monetize video content. Let’s look into some actionable video strategies but first clearly define how video monetization actually works.

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    What is Video Monetization?

    In a few simple words, it’s a process of creating income by sharing your videos on a hosting platform. The more subscribers and views you’ve got, the more money you are paid.

    There are lots of video platforms that can help you to build your audience online and monetize the videos you share. We’ll describe the most interesting ones, except for YouTube that is known by anyone. So what are the alternatives?

    #1 Vimeo

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: Vimeo

    Free content is always great, but creators need to earn money. If Vimeo did not offer the possibility to get income, it would hardly have so many interesting videos.

    There is no advertising on the site, users pay authors directly. The program called Vimeo on Demand gives you several opportunities to sell the results of your work. In this scenario, video creators receive 90% of the income. No other video hosting platform can boast such generosity.

    #2 Twitch

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: Twitch

    Video monetization on Twitch is based on online advertising and paid subscriptions. The membership on the platform is free and users are able to watch videos, chat with each other and stream their own videos. Advertising on Twitch starts immediately when users play video and periodically pops up during streaming. All the content is based around video games, so the main audience is gamers.

    Twitch is a good advertising platform because it gives access to a very specific target audience that does not watch TV and spends a lot of time on the website – an average of 106 minutes every day.

    #3 TikTok

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: TikTok

    When you have gathered a sizable audience on your channel, you can sell ads on your page. The application itself has limited functionality and it is not possible to leave links to third-party websites under your videos. But you can promote other people by marking them on your videos.

    Also on your TikTok page, you can leave links to YouTube and Instagram as well as other social networks. Thus, you can reach your audience, for example, on Instagram, and then convert them to your subscribers.

    As you already know, at the moment there are few ways to earn money from this application. However, due to the fact that the application is new and only starting to gain popularity, you can manage to gather a large audience and remarket it on social media.

    In the future, TikTok is planning to expand its roundup of monetization options, one of which will be an advertising exchange. With much growth down the line, now is the time to put your content on the platform and start exploring its opportunities.

    #4 Dailymotion

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: Dailymotion

    Back in 2005, was created by a team based in Paris. Then the company began to expand, offices were opened in London, San Francisco and New York.

    In 2015 Vivendy had acquired 90% stake in the company. Today, Dailymotion remains a French company with offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Abidjan.

    On Dailymotion, you can monetize video content by placing ads, as well as creating and selling high-quality videos. Another option to make profit is inserting Dailymotion videos into your own website. You will be paid every time one of the visitors watches these video ads.

    #5 VlogBox

    How To Make Money Beyond YouTube: VlogBox

    VlogBox is a brand-new video monetization platform for content creators. Our goal is to empower video bloggers for self-expression and authenticity and help the content creators reach their audiences on any screen size and in any CTV ecosystem with fair advertising yields.

    Video creators are getting paid for every 1000 views of their content (CPM-based). The more people watch the video – the more money is paid through the affiliate program. VlogBox is focused on OTT/CTV audiences. Programmatic connected TVadvertising is relatively new with massive potential in store for the next decade.

    YouTube actually takes the major part of profits from content creators because it owns the market. With this list of alternative platforms you can maximize your potential for outreach.


    Remember that you don’t need to fully rely on YouTube to make money with video content. It’s not the only option you have. Follow your creative pursuits and leave the rest to VlogBox!