Video Ads in 2019: The Upcoming Trends of the Year

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    Video ads… they’re everywhere. Every user is seeing ads when scrolling Instagram feed or watching YouTube. Video ads are all over the Internet and you have to consider this fact if you want your advertising to succeed. Check these trends in 2019 to generate the most engaging content in course of your marketing activities.

    Be Authentic

    To keep your product in demand and engage audiences, the content, generated around it should be unique and authentic. Remember the Old Spice advertising campaign. Have you seen something like this before?

    It’s memorable and easily recognizable.
    Another great example of genius marketing is the ad made by Volvo:

    Jean-Claude Van Damme, calm music, clear message, no excess. Decide the idea that would work for you and make something of it. Find the perfect formula for your marketing campaign.

    Work with Influencers

    Make sure that you have a clear vision of your product/service goal, analyze the market and learn whose opinion is important to your audience. Collaborations and influencers are the exact instruments that can help you to both promote your brand to your target audience and find new clients.

    Encourage influencers to promote your branded hashtags on social media, offer them to test your product for free, let them fall in love with it. Arrange any kind of giveaway or just give a discount to customers that would take part in your contest. Lots of options are available. Just choose what suits you the most and get started.

    IGTV and Vertical Video

    If you’re working with Instagram, you’ve probably heard about IGTV, if not — think about it. This service was launched in 2018 and the audience is growing rapidly. Get acquainted with Netflix and MTV profiles on IGTV to see the examples of successful social media outreach on this platform. Analyze what does your audience like the most and get started. This niche is relatively uncrowded so you can take the top positions.

    Storytelling Videos

    Storytelling videos are the method that will definitely hook your audience. More than 90% of users say that they want brands to create videos with a story. Emotions rule the world and the main point that every marketer should understand is that ads MUST rouse emotions.

    What do you feel when watching this Nike video ad?

    You cannot stay indifferent.

    Thinking about the idea of the story you will tell, remember that you should use fewer words for greater power. Don’t be afraid to be human, the most compelling stories are in people’s lives and events. Let your customers get a feel for your product/service and the audience will appreciate it.

    How-to and Educational Videos

    Useful content is king! The most valuable resource is time and modern people always have very little. They want their content to be educational and helpful. If your product or service can solve the user’s problem — show it through your ads. Highlight the strengths!

    Tutorials and tips would be a good choice for video advertising. Show your audience that you’ve got some valuable insights and let them take their knowledge to a brand new level. Valuable and engaging content is important.

    360° Videos

    You won’t surprise anyone with habitual ads. But with the growing popularity of virtual reality, a new trend came to the fore — 360° videos. It’s the next big thing, especially for tourism and real estate industries. Interactive content is always more engaging, don’t be afraid to embrace it.

    Look at how Lipton had pulled this off:

    The 90s Are Back

    The 90s are back and kicking it. The target audience of most brands is millennials. As we’ve mentioned above — it’s important to speak to the emotions of your market and using the 90s themes in your ads campaign is a great opportunity to make the audience feel nostalgic. Look at Sony with their newly released Sony PlayStation Classic, the company really plays on our’s heart-strings!

    Creative Pre-Roll Ads

    If you think that pre-roll ads cannot be eye-catching, you’re totally wrong. These six-second videos have boosted global ad recall by the average of 30% and it’s quite an impressive result for taking up only six seconds of the person’s day.

    To Sum It Up

    Don’t just promote your product or service in the video ads, be more creative in your video ad strategy. Try to wear your audience’s shoes and think what you’d like to see. Do your best to make your ideas go live. A unique idea will always find its niche!