VlogBox Enters the Top 3 Publishers List on Roku

Company NewsVlogBox Enters the Top 3 Publishers List on Roku
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    Awesome news! We’ve talentthe 3rd place in the general CTV apps category according to the number of channels on Roku, a leading streaming video platform.

    The VlogBox team has recently undertaken a study to discover the leading publishers on Roku. Among the dozens of companies, VlogBox joins the big three, just after Subsplash and Future Today, which means it has become a strong base of publishers for demand partners working within the CTV/OTT ecosystem. According to the number of channels, VlogBox has released at least 607 applications on Roku over the last 2 years and continues to grow. The company has also successfully entered into agreements with numerous global partners to power up their promotion and monetization opportunities. For now, they work more on strengthening brand advertising and analytical aspects.

    Top Publishers List on Roku

    “VlogBox began as a developer of screensavers, and now we help content creators from animation studios to cooking vloggers release, monetize and promote their entertaining, educational, and edutainment materials. Today people have all sorts of opportunities to create their own branded channel. The only problem is that they hardly know about it. Therefore, we’re focused on turning the digital TV ecosystem into a simple-to-use environment for content creators. We hope our company can become the first thing that springs to people’s minds when they consider starting a CTV app, ” said Nick Platonenko, CEO at VlogBox.

    In addition, VlogBox has been named one of the 10 best Roku app developers by TrustFirms.